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Testosterone Blood Test

My first post here.

Hi, Some months ago I finished my first cycle last october (Winstrol only 60 mg a day for 8 weeks) and I took some PCTs after my cycle. Since then, I lost 4 kgs (might be fat) and have not gained any weight till now and I train 4-5 times a week. I am suspecting that I have lowered my testosterone level. I am always fatigued and tired.

Now I decided to get my blood checked to determine how much testosterone do I have but I need to decide which test to do.

Free Testosterone or Total testosterone?

Thanks a lot,

Do both.

I’d get your E2 levels checked too.

Thanks for your reply, Doing all 3 tests will be a bit costly but I’ll better be safe. any more comments?


Www.privatemdlabs.com they usually have a coupon code too

Get the hormone panel for females. Should be easily affordable for you.