Testosterone Blood Results

Hi everyone, I’m 23 and I’m new to the forums, but I’m definitely not new to the symptoms of Low T, I have Gyno, no facial hair, no chest hair, very little underarm hair, low mood and no energy. I recently just had a batch of bloodwork done privately, basically it was an “Andropause Profile” anyway, I don’t know much about test results, and was wondering if anyone on here could help me better interpret the problem? My Testosterone level in December was 11.6 nmol/L, now it’s down to 9.7 nmol/L.

Read the link above and post your complete profile.

Also include the missing info from this link, especially number 11.

You need these labs:
E2 - important re gyno
LH/FSH - important re gyno
prolactin - important re gyno
DHEA-S - important re low underarm hair

Your lab results without ranges are really not useful.

Please read these stickies linked here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman
advice for new guys
things that damage your hormones
protocol for injections
finding a TRT doc
thyroid basics - IMPORTANT, check oral body temperatures as suggested

Do not start TRT until suggested labs are done. This is essential for LH/FSH.

Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Have you used iodized salt for years?
Do you get cold easily?

Please do not skip any of the suggested reading or questions/directives above.

When did problems start? Any blows to your head before that?
Were things better earlier?
More hair before?