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Testosterone Bloat and Hairloss


Hey lads.

First post here. Marginally prone to hair loss,nothing much just a little on temples, currently running finasteride.

I need to do a 5/6 week cut, bloat and hair loss isn't an option because I need to look good for the work I do (no homo)

I was gonna run prop @ 300mg a week/ with 1 mg finasteride and 10mg nolva ed.
Would that be the best cycle for bloat/hairloss? I essentially just want to keep my muscle and burn fat. I'm at 13% @ 92kg and wanted to get down to around 8


Ditch the Nolva. You use that after the cycle. It’s for PCT

Get Arimidex for on cycle. It will contain the bloat and is an excellent preventative for many other issues on AAS as well.

.5mg EOD


In addition to finasteride you should be using minoxidil and a ketoconazole shampoo like Regenepure DR, or Nizoral.


I dunno about finasteride. It blocks the conversion of test into DHT as I understand, there are many horror stories online about near permanent chemical castration by those who were prescribed it for hairloss.