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Testosterone & Biotest T-shirts

Woo hoo! I got my new T-shirts in today! This is great, the medium shirts fit me perfectly! You can bet that I’ll be wearing them out every week! I’ll let you guys know if it happens to help me start a conversation with any hotties.

Hey Chris Shugart, thanks for letting us know that there are medium shirts available. And remember, you can buy two and get one free! I may need to order a load of them so I can wear them everyday! LOL!

For me, the x-large ones are fairly tight and I’m small right now. I feel stupid now wearing a T-rone shirt when I’m only 200 lbs. at approx. 8% bodyfat standing at 6’1". When I was 235 lbs. (albeit my BF was like 13%) I could easily wear it around because I felt huge. Now, not so much. Could be the fact that I have no carbs in my system. I await the day wear I can wear my shirt on campus again. It’s fun getting all sorts of stares from the gorgeous girls.

Any chance of getting “Testosterone” muscle/rag tops and those “baby dolls” for the Vixens?

Scott, I’d feel pretty damn big if I were 200lbs. Besides, it’s not about being the biggest guy, it’s about the lifestyle. It’s what separates us from the rest of the pack…it’s an attitude and a lifestyle. I’ll be wearing mine proudly, even if I’m just a little guy!

Mufasa, I’d like to see some T-vixens wearing some baby tees, although, I haven’t seen any vixens around here. Maybe if I start wearing my Testosterone and Biotest shirts, more vixens will become intrigued by the Testosterone lifestyle! :slight_smile:

I think the baby doll thing is going to happen. I’m hoping to get some “special edition” T-mag shirts made as well that won’t be available for sale. Instead we’ll give them away for the “letter of the month” or as prizes or whatever. These special edition shirts will look much different than the standard Test shirt. Hats and tanks may come along in the future, but don’t expect a T-mag clothing line or anything ala EAS.

How did you get a medium t-shirt? I want one too as i’m about the same size as you. 5’5 145,10BF- The Only t-man shirt i got is an X-large and it looks rediculous on me. I want to get up to 160 and then cut up. Its been a long climb from 125 though and well worth it!!!

Just call up Biotest and order the mediums! They have them in stock now! Once you get up to 160 or more, you’ll most likely need to wear the large shirts! The medium fits well, but if I got bigger, they would be skin tight. And right now, I’m weighing between 138-142 at 5’4".

You dont need to be huge to wear a testosterone shirt. You just need to be confident. I wear one and im only 170 lbs at 5’8 not shredded but not fat. I think it makes me look big. I wear an x-large (they shrink a lot in my wash) so it is kind of baggy, but I have a big chest and shoulders and they are really apparent in the testosterone shirt. If you are proud of what you have accomplished in the gym, and you want people to know it, the Testosterone shirt is for you. Besides, what chick is going to NOT notice you just cause you are ‘only’ 200 lbs.

I’m going to order it with some more Surge witch you helped me on the dosing for awhile back. Just wondering what your bench squat and deadlift numbers look like b/c its very hard for me to find someone my size who is a serious lifter to compare myself too. ANd yes i know i know its not how much you can lift but how much effort you put into it.

I did some max testing in June. This is what I did at the time. Bench press 185x4x4. I didn’t max out because of a shoulder problem that becomes reaggravated with benching. I’ve changed my benching style so that my elbows stay in close to my sides. I haven’t done any heavy benches lately, but I have done 185x1 in the floor press with a close-grip (8-10 inches apart). And I’ve done 185x1 with a close-grip bench (6-8 inches apart).

As for deadlifts, I maxed 300x1 in June. I was also doing 265x4x4. As for the squat, I hadn’t done any back squats in a long time due to a knee injury. I was focusing on front squats in May and June. I went up to 175x4x4, 185x2 (ass to the ground). I recently started box squatting, and one day I wanted to see how much I could handle. I went up to 205x1 doing a perfect box squat about 1-inch below parallel. I was good for more, but that was the first time I box squatted, so I didn’t want to push it.

Since I've been doing Renegade training, my workouts don't have me maxing out much especially on the above exercises. I'll do testing again in a few months.

Other bests in June included the following: Supinated chins (bodyweight + 55lbs) x 1. Standing overhead press 115x2, 120x1. Seated rows 150x5. Dips (bodyweight + 55lbs) x 5. So my strength levels are decent but nothing spectacular. And I’m sure that I couldn’t do any of those lifts now since my training isn’t focused on maximal strength. But it wouldn’t take me too long to get back to those lifts.