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Testosterone, Beta2 Receptor?

Hi to all,
i’m doing my reasearch in the field of “chemical enhanced dieting” cause after my first cycle (now i’m on the 3rd PCT week) I’m planning future AAS use :slight_smile:

my future target will be “fat reduction”, I want to fall under 10% to see what i have gained in my 4years of training…

however, going to the topic, I’m reading Cy Willson’s article on steroid dieting (http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=189ster2)

and he wrote about testosterone:

The key words here are:

increase the number of beta adrenergic receptors

Is this increase “permanent” or is it only relative a “on” time?

Anyone has more info on that topic?

thanks to all ;)!

Easy answer:

The upregulated beta receptor density is not permanent and will decrease when your cycle is over.

The longer explanation:

You have X endogenous testosterone, and thus Y beta adrenergic receptors. The baseline ratio is going to be X:Y. If you supplement with testosterone to create an environment of say 10X testosterone through supplemental means, then the beta receptors are going to up-regulate to match the new ratio, so you will still have X:Y (= 10X:10Y).

The mechanism by which the beta receptors are regulated increase with more testosterone. After your cycle your testosterone levels will return to 1X, and over time your beta recpetors will return to 1X as well.

Very few changes in the human body are permanent when it comes to receptors and chemical equilibrium.