Testosterone Benefits of Barbell Squats vs Machine Hack Squats?

What do you think the hormonal response would be comparing barbell back squats vs machine hack squats?

No idea.

Don’t care.

We’ve looked at studies on this stuff and it’s completely irrelevant. It’s localized testosterone to the muscle being trained. It doesn’t increase total test or free test so there’s no impact on real growth.

I wish you guys would stop looking at shit like this.

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Cheers. Its for a reason I asked this. Family member had a tumour on pituatary gland. Removed 90% of gland. They started training barbell back squats and doing IF and the doctor is amazed his test level rose when he didnt think it was possible.

It’s probably just a coincidence that it went up at the same time. Much more likely that increases were due to improved sleep, diet, reduced stress or less training volume.


I was hoping this was a question about the effectiveness in muscle stimulation between the two exercises.

I am encouraging him to hack squat instead :grinning:

Hack squats are way better for quads. See dorian yates on the hack squat machine.



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From a “what’s going to grow your quads the most?” standpoint…

If you’re really suited for barbell squats then both will be fine.

But from a “what gives you the most bracing and stability for the greatest degree of output from the quads?”

it’s gonna be hacks.

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