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Testosterone aromatizing

Just wondering if Bill or anyone else could point me to information about the process by which testosterone gets converted to estrogen and leads to gyno. Does this process happen in women as well? (T goes to estrogen). What is the specific hormones that result in male getting female breasts and what not? I’m looking for as detailed and as technical an answer as possible so whatever you can point me to would be appreciated. Thanks

There is a particular enzyme commonly called
“aromatase” which produces estradiol from testosterone, or estrone from androstenedione.
(As well as other possible conversions of synthetics.)

This occurs in women as well as men.

Gynecomastia (abnormal growth of breast tissue in men) seems to require estrogen, but progesterone and prolactin may be additional stimulants to the process. So far as growing
actual breasts, as with transexuals, I think both estrogen and progesterone are required but it’s not something I’m familiar with.