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Testosterone and Tren

Hey everyone, I would like everyone’s input regarding Testosterone and Tren. I wanted to start my Testosterone at 125 mg/week (TRT) and then Tren the same level, 125 mg/week and see how I feel.

Is there a baseline ratio for these two drugs? such as Tren:Test, 2:1? I have read that Tren is 5x more powerful then Test.

I know everyone is diff, and I need to test my blood levels, BUT just curious about the ratio, etc.

Thank you

I think that’s way too low man. I’ve done both high tren and high test and low test and high tren. Even the low is never that low man. I personally would say 200 mg test a week and minimum 300 a week of tren. Probably 400 tbh. That’s a misleading statement about it being 5x more powerful. It binds to the androgen receptor 5x stronger. So it means more of the hormone is attaching and expressing its effects. 1000 mg of test is not equivalent to 200 mg of tren. It just doesn’t work that way :slight_smile:

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Awesome, physioLojik, thank you for the advice.

The reason I ask, is because I’m not trying to bulk up, maybe get more cut, but I am a baseball player and just want to get stronger, heal faster, etc. So just want to make sure I’m not wasting anything and getting the most bang.

No worries bro. Be aware tren can lower your cardio so not always a great fit for sports. Have you considered something a little more mild - like test and winstrol

That’s a really low dose for both. I’d say it isn’t even worth your time. Before the military and bodybuilding, let’s just say I was a highly recruited baseball player. Tren and baseball would be a struggle!! I played some Indy league ball while starting tren… I felt like i was gonna die if I had to leg out a double haha. It’s like playing baseball with an elevation mask. Like @physioLojik maybe go with something milder than tren.

i have all three with me. But heard that Tren and Test is the way to go. I can crush the cardio though, bc it will make me work harder, lol.

What do you know about Winny? I have some and tried a lil one time and just made me feel off, so i stopped.

I dont think you understand about the cardio thing… You can’t just crush it… You don’t have to take the advice, but I am rather experienced with all of this… If you wanna find out the hard way go ahead and dose some tren, give it a couple of weeks, and then get back to me on how you feel like you are gonna die running down a fly ball. Tren is a great bodybuilding drug… But there are better things to run while taking athleticism and endurance into consideration… Plus I haven’t even hit on the worse part of tren… The sides… Especially for a first time user… But I don’t see your proposed dose helping you at all… It might just be enough to get the sides without the benefits. Your choice though.

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Thank you for the advice, totally appreciate it.

What do you suggest for dosing? for Tren and Test?

Also, what do you suggest for athleticism and endurance?

The dose is too low, not much benefit from this low dose…

Tren = no good for cardio, speed sports, athleticism… has been proven for most of users… some dont get this sides, but most of them, get out of breath easier.

IMO = Tren is for advanced BB/ user, but it doesn’t mean a beginner cannot use Tren, it means you need to have the mind of a advanced BB/ user, and you don’t have it, this is clear. Great for prep. for show time! Its too hearsh on the system, as I told you, you need to develop the mind first to use Tren, thats my opinion.

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Thiago, thank you for the info. What is BB/user?

And what do you recommend the starting dosages? just curious.

Do you recommend a site, articles, etc. to read more about the Tren and Test combo?

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Also I have been using 125ml/week of test for about a year now, was just curious about incorporating Tren as well.

BB= BodyBuilder
user= reference the guys that have been using steroids for while…

hummm… now U are Revealing things! ha…

Do you have any references to learn more about test and Tren combo?

Google… use google… Educate yourself before asking more questions…


0 tren. 0 is the recommended dose. Apparently you missed that part. Tren won’t help you play baseball better in any way whatsoever. I don’t even use it for competing in strongman because it affects cardio so drastically. And it makes me feel like shit. Lethargic.

I would recommend test, deca, and winstrol. anavar would be a fine oral choice as well. Something like 300-500 test, and 300 deca would be so smooth. You’d certainly get a performance boost from those choices, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the negatives of tren. Plus deca is good for joints. OR EVEN BETTER: EQ. EQ is an awesome steroid for sports. I’d run that at 500 as well.

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I know about google lol. Just wondering bout recommendations.

I know it wont help me play better, but something for strength and recovery.

Thank you Flip. What is EQ (I know about google, lol) but what is it?

EQ is awesome drug! That’s all. Run at 500-600mg for a while, you’ll see it’s awesome. Underrated drug, EQ = hard, full, dense, vascularization, strenght, endurance, almost no sides, for me, no sides, no sides at all… even RBC people is that people get worried, I took blood after 1 year of use and I am only 1 point above the maximum level, which is actually desired.

Man, do some google, you’ll find all you need.

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Agree with Thiago. I think it’s highly underrated, specifically because it has no sides. It’s more effective than a lot of people give it credit for. I think I looked my best last time I ran it.

So, EQ is equipoise. Essentially, the effects are what Thiago just mentioned. It’s going to make you stronger, and you’re not going to sacrifice conditioning. It has the potential the raise RBC (red blood cell count), which can be a very good thing for athletes, as long as it doesn’t raise it to an extremely high number. You would want to get blood work regularly to monitor it. I’m like Thiago, it didn’t raise me outside normal level.

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Awesome, I am researching Tren and will do so with EQ as well. Thank you both for being cooperative. I like to research (have been) as well as poke people’s brains about things as there are many many opinions on what to do and how. So just trying to get a feel for it.