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Testosterone and Traveling


Hello: I'm new to this forum. I'm 24 years-old, and I want to start TRT. I have T levels within the 250-300ng/do range. Thyroid tests are normal, but do fluctuate significantly from test to test, but I digress...

I was diagnosed two years ago, and am now ready to take the jump. However, in 5 months from now I want to travel to Germany for 6-12 months. Does anyone have any suggestions to work this out or any related experiences? Or should I just wait until I'm back to start. I would if I needed to, but obvious, the sooner the better.


it appears you can bring a 3 month supply.



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Getting proper hormone care in Europe and UK [and all other Commonwealth countries] is a major problem. The docs are rather useless and the system is stacked against you.


Ah, thank you. This is my concern. I know I can take a finite amount with me, but what about after I run out? I know different countries differ in regards to TRT expertise. I don't want to start, move to Gernany, not be able to find a at the minimum, competent, Doctor and have to treatment. I know I could, but I would rather not. I'm looking fit opinions here as well.

If I had a treatment protocol in place within my last few months here, am I safe to think that German Doctors will follow it? Or is it just a bad idea...


They may not even provide T cyp or eth...
Anastrozole? hCG? I can hear the laughter...

And syringes may be a problem too. Might need to go underground or stand in line at a junkie needle exchange. I would hate to see you go dry over there.


A suggestion. If you are staying 6 months get your doctor to double your dose for the first three months and then just take your normal amount. As long as the script reads as 3months supply you should be fine.

If I remember correctly you need a visa to stay more than 3 months in the EU. Maybe there is a way to get a waiver when you get your Visa. P