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Testosterone and SubQ Injections

Good afternoon does anyone have any experience, knowledge about SubQ Test injections. What is the max amount that can be injected and where would be the best spot to inject??? Thoughts , concerns. Would appreciate feed back… thank u in advance

Unless you’re microdosing just do IM injections. Tried and true.

Absolutely agree … but after years of injecting ass gets like a piece of grizzel Also noticed have more issues lately with glute injections. Maybe bad batch of gear . But last injection was one of the worst by far . Painful swollen lump, red , did I mention PAINFUL!! Finally going away after icing and Advil. Noticed it happing more and more over the last year

Rotate sites. I rotate my glutes, upper quads and sometimes my delts. I definitely wouldn’t do a lot of volume sub q.

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Use smaller needles 27-25g) and rotate sites. Oils work best when they go into the muscle (IMHO)

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I do rotate sites , but for some odd reason when hitting glutes it seem I have been running into the issues as stated above. Getting ready to run test , EQ , and primo so I basically will have to hit glute once a week , using 1 1/2 pin so definitely getting into muscle. Maybe it’s the gear and my body is changing with age and can’t handle what ever the manufacturer use as a carrier. I am an older “ body builder “ (50) and these issues have only started within the last year… thank for ur response. Will take all info into consideration

Are u suggesting 27/25 gauge into glute???

25g sure, I use 1-1/2in for glute and VG 25g. While I haven’t tried the 27g there yet I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I’m doing 1-2mL tops tho

I would think that if a 25/27 gauge was used in glute the product would not be injected deep into the muscle? I have used 1inch 22 gauge for shoulder. I just have to figure out what the issue is with the glute injections, to many issues… I am thinking maybe to much oil injected into one spot at this point I am injecting 3cc of oil into my glutes

I’m a newb but if I’m not mistaken the glute can take more oil than most places, but I’m right there with you. My glutes give me issues sometimes and I try not to hit them often. I pin’d my right glute two days ago in the upper outter area and my tail bone feels bruised even tho it’s not even close to where I pin’d. Back to upper quads for me.

The gauge doesn’t determine the length. You can get 1.5in 25g on Amazon or med sites

When my delts are a bit sore from a poor injection, I’ll do subq into stomach fat. I wouldn’t do more than .5 ml, or there is a risk of a lump that can hurt. I’ve done 600 mg/ wk with delts, and occasional subq shots.

1/2" and 25-27G I have found 1cc to be alright without any lumps or pain subq.

Sorry was not thinking, ment 5/8 would not go deep enough for a glute injections

Oh yeah I probably wouldn’t use that small unless you’re super lean

For shizzle?

Haven’t been that lean since birth!!!