Testosterone and Sleep Issues

how was your sleeping before and after trt? im struggling with a good rem cycle. wake up two three times during the night

When I first started TRT I had adrenaline/cortisol issues. I was waking up at 3-4am every night and could NOT go back to sleep. It subsided eventually.

I have never had an issue with sleep in my life… until I started trt :joy:

danng i wonder if trt would fix this. i do have low t and e2

Are you already on TRT?

My sleep changed dramatically years ago when I got a sleep mask. I fall asleep within 60 seconds now. Second big change was a snore-guard mouth piece I got earlier this year. Huge difference in rest.

First run with TRT I slept like a baby. This second time around I was experiencing the same thing alphagunner described, high adrenaline and waking up in the middle of the night/not being able to go back to sleep. Things seem to be getting better but I do still have the odd day (like today) where I wake up at 4AM and can’t sleep.

Not to hijack the thread but were you diagnosed with sleep apnea via sleep study or did you just suspect your snoring indicated something was wrong?

I ask because I’ve been snoring like crazy lately according to my wife.

no. im planning on going for it

so did trt fixed your sleep? seems like a hit and run

Yes I had a sleep study done (required by my PCP prior to TRT) and it found that I had mild sleep apnea. Not treatable by C-Pap.

No. TRT neither worsened or improved my sleep.

If only my urologist had been this thorough.

It frustrated me at the time but I am glad I have that data. Apnea and lack of sleep can tank testosterone.

What sleep mask are you referring to? Do you have a link or picture?

Just the cheapish ones from amazon that are convex at the eyes to give some blinking room. Last set was 3 for under $10.

my problem is that i naturally wake up 6-7 hours of sleep but i also wake up to urinate 2-3 times and on top of that i wake up fast and move around the bed and go to sleep fast. i did a sleep apnea 3 years ago and it was fine. i just did it because i was always feeling tired and i cant even remember my dreams. i did however think i had low t during that time (way before too) i can count it with my hands all the morning woods ive had in my life. tbhi dont know if i should jump on trt or keep diging for the problem. i even have a consult with a new liver doctor to see why my shbg is at 70 ish

Have you don’t liquid limiting before you go to bed?

yup 2 hours

when you say your sleep was bad. what do you guys actually mean? like sleeping 5 hours?