Testosterone and Puffy Eyes

Does test cause puffy bags under eyes I’m 32 and got puffy eyes and it looks like ahit and I wanna get rid of it obviously u retain water on test so I’m wondering if that’s the cause?m!? Any suggestions would be appreciated

First of all what is your dose?
What is your bloodwork especially e2 and possibly thyroid levels?

Being tired causes baggy eyes, being deficient in vitamins dose, food allergies do, etc

I just posted basically the same question on TRT board.

I’ve got the same thing.

I think my E2 is a bit high (doing bloods in 2 weeks)- have you got any other signs of raised E2?

I’m not convinced the quality of my sleep is as high on TRT either - still getting dialled in. Lots of anecdotes of people having trouble sleeping with too much T in their system- are you waking up lots in the night/not getting into deeper sleep?

They said my blood work is normal but I’m up 15x a night peeing lol so don’t sleep great…

I’m on 300 mg cyp a week

There’s your issue

What’s my issue?

Up 15x a night

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15 times? That means you sleep 30 minutes on average before waking?

No wonder your eyes look like you are a Zombie.

Why do you think you can’t stay asleep? Is it the peeing only or do you just pee because you wake up? In your case I’d look for prostate issues, it sounds like the peeing is the problem.

Also, is this TRT or a cycle? For TRT this is high, do you have blood work?
If you’re on cycle, are you tanking something else like Tren?

High amounts of androgens up adrenergic activity and therefore fire up your CNS which can make it more difficult to sleep.

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I jus piss a lot I wonder if my e2 is elevated

I take 300 mg cypionate a week no aromatase I wonder if arimidex would help

Get that checked out. I don’t normally piss at all at night. Every once in a while I pee once, and if I have been drinking maybe twice.

Do you have any history of diabetes? Prostate issues?

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They say no prostrate issues and no diabetes but I piss nonstop it’s gotta be from test perhaps estrogen. Maybe I need arimidex

I thought blood work was normal?

Why are you taking 300 mg of T per week, is that your TRT?

I think you are making a possible error in thinking that your peeing frequency has:

This isn’t me trying to insult. Many many men get tunnel vision on TRT, and think every issue is related to testosterone / estrogen. Peeing 15x a night isn’t normal no matter what dose of test you are on.


Dude you can keep guessing and wandering and asking questions but without bloodwork the whole conversation is a massive waste of everyone’s time.

I’d be asking- why am I pissing 15x a night? Not why are my eyes puffy!

Go get some bloods

Free T

Get a thyroid panel too if you can afford it.

Post the results back up

You’re doing the equivalent of asking why your neck hurts after a car crash when the brakes failed rather than asking why your brakes failed!


Pregnant women piss nonstop and get bags I’m jus trying to figure out in my head what it could be I’m not diabetic

Sure, I don’t think 15x a night is typical, and I think it mostly has to do with women having smaller bladders, and also having a baby pressing on the bladder (not high estrogen).

Have you been tested to see if you are diabetic? It is how many people find out that they are (frequent peeing). I am not saying at all this is your issue, just that you shouldn’t assume it isn’t (because you seem focused on T and E2). The next most common thing from frequent urination is a prostate issue (given that you are a man). Don’t rule these things out.


Was that a doctor? Sure a doctor would get to the root of the problem if you’re pissing Niagara Falls

Also you said you’re on 300mg p/w.

Are you at least splitting that into 2 shots?

How long have you been doing this?