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Testosterone and Prolactin?


i have AP induced high prolactin(assumption) and i’ve been off the anti psychotic for 5 months. my prolactin tested 40 and 2 weeks later 41.1, the normal range is 4-15.2. i was wondering if taking TRT would help lower prolactin? or maybe TRT would further lower it in the long run? let me know.

also does anyone know how to naturally lower prolactin as in what to eat etc? i understand that P5P and vitamin E lower prolactin but i haven’t noticed anything from that and i’ve been taking them for a week.

my symptoms of high prolactin: not even close to as strong as i used to be in the gym and my libido is destroyed.

my testosterone value was 458 and normal range is 249-836…is 458 normal for a 20 year old?

note: the AP i used (risperidone) is known to give guys gyno and have milk come out of their nipples, that’s why i think it is the cause of my high prolactin.


I too had high prolactlin likely caused by SSRIs. I had a pituitary MRI to check and make sure I didn’t have a tumor or prolactinoma. Is 458 normal, sure. I would wait and check again in a couple months. Test in the morning. To get a diagnoses you need to read the stickies and get a complete panel done. I copied and pasted below from KSman. Your TT level is not enough info to see if you have issues.

Lab work:


Your TT is normal but your overall testosterone status is not evaluated by TT. Get the other labs which were mentioned above. Free T could be Low even with high TT and that results in same symptoms as Low TT, it’s the active hormone. So you need labs with comprehensive hormonal testing including thyroid- TSH,ft3,ft4, cortisol 8am and TT, FT, SHBG, e2, LH , FSH.


i got an MRI and i do not have a tumor. so does anyone have any experience reducing their prolactin? the dead drive is killing me.


Yes there are prolactin lowering med like Cabergoline. However, your prolactin levels are not ‘that high’. Most tumor related issues have prolactin in the 100-200 range. High prolactin can affect the function of your testes but without the labs I mentioned we cannot tell if your testes are affected or not. In summary, you need labs.