Testosterone and Masturbation

ok, so i im in the sixth week of my 1st steroid cycle

dianabol 30mg ed
cypionate 200mg e4d

and i have a concern, because my libido’s high and i masterbate a lot (altogether with humping my GF), it happens about 3x a day :slight_smile: it means that i lower my T levels by doing it that frequently, therefore losing some juice from the shots?


LOL no. Masturbation impact on testosterone levels is neglibile.
Hump away my friend.


jesus where do people come up with this stuff

You are losing all of your test, you have to drink your splooge to get it all back. it sucks but you cant be wasting it.

BSC is right, if I were you’d I’d jizz into a protein shake. Works best with casein I find.

only casien works if u ejaculate into whey isolate it has a spermicidal effect. to increse the bioavailability i like to add creatine or glutamine powder to it.

LMFAO- Thanks for everyones input! That was great!!