Testosterone and Kidney Side Effects?

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Need some informations about : How does Testosterone (enanthate) injection affect Kidney Function

As i know , using Test may increase the Red Blood Cells counts → increase blood pressure → Affect kidney
(So it indirectly affects Kidney function)

Have you guys got any problem with your Kidney while using any kind of Test (or other anabolic steroid) ?

Would love to hear your story (especially if u got the bloodwork to share) :wink::wink:

I’ve never had reduced kidney function from testosterone at normal to moderate high levels. Low testosterone is associated with renal disease. How much test are you talking?

So I have kidney issues. As does my father. My dad is diabetic and he was on some variation of Atkins/keto for a long time. My dad’s Dr believes his issues were caused by the high amounts of protein.

I used to take TONS of protein (in the form of a shake) everyday for many years. Its very likely that my issues may be related to the high protein intake.

How’s your protein intake?

Especially if you also have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can push protein through the kidney causing damage.

For those you interested. This is the test result to look for related to kidney disease. I’m hoping that the anavar I was taking is related to this as well. Plus, like I said earlier, high protein intake over may years may have already done the damage

The dose of T for mostly about 300-500mg a week

– Have u had any cycle with T (or other AAS) ?
– U keep doing the bloodworkout (eGFR or Creatinine or Cystatine C) ?

Would like to know whether Testosterone injection will decerease renal function or not :slight_smile:

As for me : ive never tried anything (but im quite interested) . But im afraid it will destroy my kidney function
(Bcs my dad passed due to diabetic-kidney fail)

Im sorry to hear that :frowning_face:

–How much protein do u take and for how long before u find out ur kidney in trouble ?
– ever take any AAS ?
–Do u have high blood pressure or high blood sugar level ?
– and how’s ur current bloodwork for the kidney function ?

Much appreciated :wink:

Yes and yes. Never any issues. Always had BUN a point or two over range even before AAS. All other indicators normal.

Thanks dude for sharing it !

Currently, I rarely even have a protein shake but 15-20 years ago, there were times I was taking in 300 grams/day in whey protein alone. (Before anybody flames me for my stupidity, you need to remember there weren’t a lot of references for us other than BB mags. T-Mag was brand new. Atkins was all the rage, etc, and nobody ever talked about protein impacts to our kidneys as a topic).

I’ve been on self prescribed TRT for 5 years and on a fucked up Dr prescribed routine for 10 years before that.

Yes, over the last couple of years, my BP has gone up but its being treated now under a Drs care.

see my original post for labs

This is impacted more through oral steroids rather than IM injected

Are you thinking liver here?

I have heard the hard AAS on the kidneys are things like Tren and EQ.

Maybe you are right? and I just haven’t heard this yet?

No, my mistake. For some reason, I had it in my mind that renal was liver. Sorry. Call it covid fog or old age or dementia…

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Umm sir
May i know how old are you ?
And do u check ur Blood Sugar level and Blood pressure reguraly ?

Bcs based on ur story
The T-injection itself doesnt make renal (kidney) damage (direcrtly)

How was ur T cycle before ?
Dose and length
Any other AAS did u take ?

Much AppreXiated :blue_heart:

55, 5’6", weigh about 212

BP yes, blood sugar no. I tend to get hypoglycemic not high blood sugar. My father, like yours has diabetes and kidney issues from high protein but he is 86 and he is still up and about.

I cruise at 200 test and 100 mast/week. Blast with anavar.

I’ve done tren twice, adrol, winstrol, and NPP but have not done anything for over a year or more

Damn @studhammer. Getting BIG! I thought I was beefy at 200lb ~same height. When I grow up I want to be just like you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably not. I’m on the covid bulk. My office is also in my kitchen/dining area and both my wife and I are working from home. I’m still hitting the gym regularly but the weight is creeping up and the veins are disappearing. :frowning:

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