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Testosterone and Hormone Test


I recently had a few blood tests done out of curiosity. I told the doctor here at school that I had fatigue so that I could get the tests on health insurance. (I do have some fatigue, but probably not enough to indicate a medical condition). I'm a 22 year old male who excercises 4-5 days a week, mostly weightlifting and interval cardio. I'm in college, so I usually drink ~3 nights a week pretty heavily, i.e. more than 10 drinks. I'm 190 lbs. and ~16% BF. I am currently taking Max Strength HOT-ROX, 2 pills in the morning, 2 afternoon, and ZMA My results are as follows:

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

ALT (SGPT), Ser/Plas 24 (<60 U/L)
New reference range as of 9/16/05

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

AST (SGOT), Ser/Plas 37 (<40 U/L)

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

Creatinine, Ser/Plas 1.12 (<1.2 mg/dL)

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

TSH 5.29 H (0.40-4.0 uIU/mL)

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

WBC 5.3 (4.0-11.0 K/uL)
RBC 4.53 (4.40-5.90 MIL/uL)
Hemoglobin 15.4 (13.5-17.7 g/dL)
Hematocrit 43.9 (40.0-52.0 % )
MCV 97.0 (82.0-98.0 fL )
MCH 33.9 (27.0-34.0 pg)
MCHC 35.0 (32.0-36.0 g/dL)
RDW 13.4 (11.5-14.5 % )
Platelet count 277 (150-400 K/uL)
NEUT, % 37.6 %
LYM, % 50.2 %
MONO, % 9.4 %
EOS, % 2.5 %
BASO, % 0.3 %
NEUT, ABS 1.99 (1.7-6.70 K/uL)
LYM, ABS 2.65 (1.00-3.00 K/uL)
MONO, ABS 0.50 ( 0.3-0.95 K/uL)
EOS, ABS 0.13 (0.05-0.55 K/uL)
BASO, ABS 0.02 (0-0.25 K/uL)

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

Testosterone 527 200-1200 ng/dL

My Testosterone seems a little low for a 22 year old male, and my AST is higher than most ranges given on the web. Also my TSH seems like cause for concern, possibly thyroid problems. What do you think?



WTF ? What do you think ? Cut back on the booze.


Were you on HOT-ROX when you had the test done? If so, how long prior?


alcohol will lower your test levels. If you want any accuracy about the tests, quit drinking and then have the tests done. If you are drinking as much as you say, the test results are pretty much useless.

Plus (and more importantly) what did your doctor say. I reckon that he or she may be a good place to start looking for info, particularly in these medical type issues.


I was on HOT-ROX normal for 4 weeks, off for 3 weeks, then on HOT-ROX Max for about 3 days before the test.

I drank quite a bit on the weekend, then had the test on Wednesday morning.

I know the alcohol obviously isn't helping, but I'm making a compromise here. I'm in college, enjoy going out and partying, and have no desire to polarize my life. I'm not expecting great physical results, just decent ones. And I'm graduating in 2 months, so my lifestyle will change shortly.

Thanks for the feedback.


I wonder if the HOT-ROX is responsible for your elevated TSH via sclaremax activation of adenylate cyclase? Interesting, thanks for posting these numbers. As far as the test levels go, they seem to be on the low end of average. Perhaps it is due to your training schedule as well as your lifestyle?


527 isnt bad at all for a test level. As long as your above 500 your alright - meaning you'll have a decent libido, recovery, agression, ability to put on muscle/retain, etc, all the good things that involve testosterone.

At 527 and 22, its not worth your time, risk, money, etc to go on lifelong HRT. Its a huge commitment thats forever man. I wouldnt do it at this stage of your life, not when youve got some decent supplements at your hands and possibly even better ones a few years down the road.

I think you would be perfect to go on TRIBEX. Youve got a decent base test level, your young, which means your testicles are going to be more responsive(you'll get a better response than someone older).

You should try it for 2 months then go get retested. I'd be curious to see your results. I wouldn't be suprised if you retested in the 600 - 700 range or a higher.

And, for crying out loud, your practically an alcoholic. Never, ever should you be drinking as much as you are. And screw everyone who says your 22 and should have fun. If drinking 10 drinks a night is fun, then call me dull. Nothin wrong with havin a beer or two or a smoke or two here and there, but you really need to prioritize your life and take a good long look at how your living.