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Testosterone and HCG AI Question

I am currently taking 100 mg of test cyp 1 time per week. My most current level is 509 at the day of my next injection. Should I leave it like it is or seek HCG and an AI? I feel a heck of alot better coming from the 150-180 range I was in. I don’t have any other levels to post so asking won’t do anything.

I use the VA and they do not prescribe HCG and and an AI. Could I feel better than I already do? The only side affect I have is small achey testicles. If I do pursue this it would have to be outside the VA. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

You WILL need to get blood tests and post them here ASAP. Otherwise, it’s mostly speculation on your symptoms. There is more knowledge here than %99.9 of any doctor you will see, so you came to the right place. Make sure and get your E2 (estradiol) tested as well. They will ask you why and say “we don’t do that”. Just tell them to humor you. Or, you could do an at home test like this:

The VA will never prescribe you hCG and anastrozole. You will need to find that elsewhere. This should give you a head start on finding a doctor.

Will the VA allow you to take your vials home and self inject? 100mg once a week isn’t a terrible dosing schedule, however you would do better on at least injecting 2x/week in smaller doses. You can inject subQ and it’s very easy. Much less invasive than IM shots.

You need to read through this:

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hCG will cure aching testicles and restore size and function. Good luck to you. Welcome to the forum.

Perhaps there is info in the 3 or 4 other threads you have. You should not be opening new threads, but maintaining one thread. We need more context to help you.

hCG would fix the achy testes.

2 other threads, you are right. I can’t change the title of those threads and didn’t see the need for people to read 3 pages of different questions. I am not bumping anyone because the same post have been here for a while. KSman. I would love to give you a ton of labs, but that is just not how the VA works. I am limited on what I can get. All of the information on the other post are old and out of date.

I am disabled vet, thats the insurance I have and there is no way around it. Kaynon311 I do take the shots myself at home. I am not completey new on the forums, but still pretty new to TRT and have been on shots for 7 weeks, because Gel failed. Thanks both for the info, I will check the links out. I just need a general opinion from people that have delt with this for far longer than I have. Not a scientific evaluation.

Gel failed: That is a symptom of thyroid problems. So now we need your body temperatures, iodized salt use, iodine in your vitamins. Any past labs for TSH, T4, T3, fT4, fT3?

It’s in your best interest to keep things in one thread so people aren’t searching all over the place trying to figure out what you have going on. I dealt with the VA for a little while after I got out of active duty, so I know what you’re going through. They are great if that’s your only option. IF that’s your only option. I ended up doing everything through a GP instead of the VA. If you have any other health insurance that would be your best bet.

I did not find any lab results in any of your posts. We can give you opinions all day long but posting lab results will give the most accurate picture. Treating symptoms and not the problem will only hurt you in the long run. The VA WILL give you all the labs they have done if you request them. I know this.

Now, all that being said, I think you made the correct choice switching to injections. You will absorb roughly 70% of an injection as opposed to 10% of the androgel if you’re lucky, which in your case, you aren’t. With the injections there is no doubt how much testosterone your body is getting. You’re 29, so you won’t need your TT as high to have higher FT (which I don’t know what your level is). Older men need higher TT (900-1000) to get their FT at high-normal range.

Suggested course of action, since I was in the military too and I know sometimes you just want someone to break it down barney style and spell it out for you.

-Split your 100mg of test cyp into 50mg 2x/week. Use 29ga insulin syringes and inject into your thigh. you can buy these on the internet
-Get some hCG, and inject 250iu (.25 ml depending on concentration) 2x/week into your belly fat same time as test injections
-Get some arimidex (anastrozole). Cut tablets in half and take the half (which would be .5mg) 2x/week with the injections for a total of 1mg a week.

After you have been on this protocol for one month, get another blood test. Make sure E2 and free testosterone is tested as well. All the testosterone in the world will not save you if you are estrogen dominant.

I know you haven’t been doing TRT very long, but you’re already in a good place!! You’re asking questions and wanting answers. It took me a while before I started doing that.


Email me and we’ll talk more. Take care.

Before TRT
Sodium (141)
Potassium (4.1)
Chlorid (106)
CO2 (27)
Glucose (84)
Creatine (1.10)
EGFR (79)
Calcium (9.7)
TSH (1.685)

After TRT (Androgel 1.62)
WBC 7.8 K/cmm
RBC 5.07 M/cmm
HGB 16 g/dl
HCT 47.6
MCV 93.8 FL
MCH 31.5 PG
MCHC 33.6 g/dl
RDW 13.4
PLT 260 K/cmm
MPV 7.6 FL
SEG 64.6
Lymph 29.9
MONO 4.3
EOS 0.8
BASO 0.4
Glucose 86 mg/dl
UREA N 14 MG/dl
Creatine 1.3 mg/dl
EGFR 65.3
NA+ 141
K+ 4.4
CL 102
CO2 28.0
ANI GAP 16.2
Calcium 10.1
T Prot 8.0
Albumin 5.2 H
Alkphos 61
T.BILI 0.7
FR T 1.3 ng/dl
TSH 1.48 uUI.ml
Total T on Gel TT 155 TT 189 TT 179
Free Test 3.8
Total T4 10.2
Estradol - 13.5 pg/ml
Prolactin - 7.41

After 7 weeks of 100 mg Test Cyp
TT 509 at day shot was due so 7 days after my last shot

Thats what I could dig up. I don’t know what most of it is but here it is

Damn. You got to it before I finished my post. Need to edit your post and put the lab ranges.

I am sure there is more. I have had several Thyroid panels run because they thought I had hyperthyroidisim because of my ability to lose weight so fast my heart rate rest between 100-140 snd I have severe anxiety issues. I can’t find those I also had a 24 urine test done on my adreanals to check for tumors I could also post that but it seems like I am going to far. My TT was between 150 and 200 after 3 test prior to starting TRT.

I also had an MRI on my thyroid and head to look for tumors because I suffer from migraines.

Consider this my official Thead I have tons more of the stuff listed from different points over the past couple of years. I don’t have medical insurance outside the VA. I called the local compounding pharmacy and I could get 10,000 iu’s of HCG for like 40 bucks. But I just need a script. I want to know if I should ask my doctor to raise my T dosage or try to get HCG and an AI form another source. To be honest I wanted my total T levels to be between 800-900.

“After 7 weeks of 100 mg Test Cyp TT 509 at day shot was due so 7 days after my last shot”

Test cyp has a 7 day half life. The math is more complicated than this, but if you injected 100mg, after 7 days you would have 50mg. Your levels were at 509, so they would be significantly higher at day 3 after injection. Probably similar to the range you were wanting.

“I want to know if I should ask my doctor to raise my T dosage or try to get HCG and an AI form another source”

There’s not really an option here. You’ll want the T/hCG/AI combo if you want the best experience. Follow the protocol suggested on this forum.

  • 100mg test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
  • 250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
  • 1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

Injecting more frequently will prevent the peaks and troughs. hCG preserves functional testes. AI prevents the rise in E2 during the process.

If you can get hCG from the VA, you would probably be the first. You would probably be better off biting the financial bullet with a GP you know prescribes it in your area and get a script.

Anastrozole is a research chemical not intended for human consumption.

DHEA-S data?

Wondering about migraines and low progesterone. Data is sparse, but some is suggestive.

How do I go about getting an AI, the VA surely won’t do it. I have felt very emotional lately and am sure it has something to do with my estrogen. I will get my TT and E labs done at the end of this month, but want to find it because I feel it is becoming an issue. Do doctors prescribe it? I heard research labs one time? Any help would be useful.

research chem sites.


google liquidex; you have to take it orally. I got it from RUI products.

Thank you

Well it feels like the Test Cyp is not working anymore. Sex Drive Libido (0) Erections (0) Energy (0). I haven’t ordered the liquidex yet hopefully I will know more with labs at the end of the month. Anyone have any ideas until then?

Id guess your e2 has crept up on you making you feel like shit again.