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Testosterone and Growth in Adolescence


some websites say too much testosterone halts growth plates

and some say it promotes growth in bones (growth spurt)

some say it is estradiol(part of oestrogen) that hat growth

some say it is anabolic hormones that do that anabolic means which builds cells

and no one says effects of androgenic hormones on growth plates?

whats your views?


Why are you asking?




Are you drunk?


I don't think he's drunk. Let me translate what the OP Said.

"I am 17 and want to know if taking teh roidz will stunt my growth or possibly help me grow? I am not as tall as I'd like to be and skinny. I was wondering if AAS will make me tall and hyooge so I can get chicks. I am young and hearty and do not fear endcrine/reproductive problems later in life, these side effects will not happen to me. Also, will my gnc mega men's be enough to prevent teh gynoz?

On a completely unrelated note. I have a fiend that is not well endowed. I've heard that injecting a combo of hgh and synthol directly into one's penis will make you a BDB (Big Dicked Bastard). My friend anxiously awaits your educated replies on this matter as well."


pahahaha gnc mega men's wahahaha