Testosterone and Getting Noticed More by the Opposite Sex

Ok so I didnt know where to post this, or If I should post it all given It sounds so redicilous, but Im very curious if someone else noticed something similar as I have?

To start out with, naturally I was pretty low testosterone. Around 360ng/dl on a range 300 - 1000. Given I was even a little above the lower limit, doctors refused to threat me, I tried for 2 years.

Eventually, I just hopped on and did my own thing, as Ive been working out for a long time and could use testosterone to put on more muscle mass anyway.

Im currently on a 500mg cycle and afterwards I plan to “cruise” and run my own TRT protocol at 100-150mg testosterone a week.

Now, never in my life have I been much of a ladies man, Im 32 years old and I was basicly invisible thruout high school and college, looks are average at best, on a good day.

Ever since I started injecting test, my “luck” with women have done a complete and opposite turn 180, I have no clue what is going on by im getting hit on ALOT nowadays, Im 11 weeks into my cycle and since week 1 - even before I had added any muscle mass - girls have been giving me a hell of a lot of attention.

Im talking women from rage 18 to over 40.

Going out to some bar, I get atleast a couple girls initiating conversation and/or giving me “the eye”, the last month ive had sex with more women than my previous whole life.

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here? Ive not suddently become a male model, Im bigger but this started happening even before I started adding muscles, I guess I feel a little bit better and more self assured but could that really me the reason?

Im literally talking about being almost invisible, going years without getting attention and action, almost giving up women all together, to having sex with 8 girls the last 10 weeks.

What the hell is this? Its like they just like me now, whereas before they didnt like be around me.

This might sound fucking stupid, but its just my experience and I wonder if anyone else have experienced something similar? Is it some science to it like they go to men with super high test or something?

Please, if someone understand whats going on … reply!


Yup. A little confidence goes a long way.



It’s about confidence.

The biggest benefit of TRT isn’t leaning out and getting stronger and putting on more mass. It’s getting your swagger back. That’s what women respond to.


Have you been wearing one of those infamous wolf shirts from amazon with all the amazing feedback?
All kidding aside it is the confidence boost but i think there may be something where they can smell it on you, like a pheromone of sorts. Ive had it happen it wasnt so pronounced though.
Whatever the hell it is good job man! find a good one an keep her though!


The confidence is what attracts women bro. Have fun for a while but find a nice one a keep her.

I ditto the confidence comments. I would like to add that I seem to see the same thing when I cycle. I think it’s because women are naturally attracted to the alpha. All that test is like instant alpha in a bottle. You are the guy with the most testosterone in any given room (provided you are not in a room full of juice monkeys). Essentially you are the “manliest” man there. No matter how far we enlighten our selves and society we will never get rid of nature and the all essential survival instinct. Weather the women realize it or not their survival instinct is telling them you are the strongest and thus can provide the most for her and any children you two may have. Plus if our bodies can gain more muscle and loose more fat on cycle then I assume they make more phormones or pheromones ( I forget which ones guys have and which one girls have).


NIC hit the missed part beyond the confidence. The pheromones given off by one’s self have been proven to be elevated and then the olfactory system gives the opposite sex a nudge in your direction. They lead your “horse” to water, and then your confidence makes them drink.

Better advice though…“stereotypically” women who are attracted to the alpha are also those with insecurity and baggage that even the strongest of us couldn’t ever carry!


Nice analogy !! This is gold.

Everyone is correct about confidence. I’ll add that it isn’t even necessarily that women are noticing you/me/us more, it’s that we feel better and thus are willing to notice that we are being noticed. If I had been checked out by someone before I started TRT it would have felt like someone was pulling a prank on me. I wouldn’t believe it because I felt like shit and couldn’t imagine anyone would look at me. And keep in mind I had been married and had subsequently dated several nice looking gals during that low period. I had evidence that I was at least within the margins of acceptable for some women, but I still didn’t believe it. Fast forward to a few months into TRT and all of the sudden I noticed women were friendlier and more conversational towards me. Funny that.

I probably also twist the reality of random looks from women to fit my mental state. The reality is likely I’m in their field of vision & they’d look at me if I was female/unattractive/a child - because they’re just scanning the environment.

But if I feel chilled out & self assured, I believe they think I’m hot haha. In my experience it’s fairly easy to turn what is essentially all in my mind into actually dating those women, and getting laid if I use times of self belief to talk to & if it’s correct, ask someone on a date.

In the same situation if I feel withdrawn, I interpret the same looks from women as just random or even hostile :joy:

Luckily for me, I’m so erratic haha :joy: I get to experience this stuff from multiple perspectives lolol.

Self belief is everything. Look at what the late David Bowie achieved with women - on the face of it he was a scrawny, pale, weird looking girly ginger!!

With his immense self belief, he was a sex icon!! (and a cultural one too)

Of course quantity doesn’t mean quality, and similar to what someone else said, people attracted to the famous may not be that pleasant to hang around with, after the sechs :grin:

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Its not just confidence, I genuinely feel there is something more to it than that. Something invisible that they can “smell” or feel. Pheromones? I don’t know, but definitely more than just confidence.


You’re correct. Higher testosterone levels change the make up of your sweat and saliva. So yes they can tell. It’s nature.

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Yes man, exacty, I know what u mean.

Another example: my sister is usually a fucking cunt, she have always been. But since I started using testosterone, she is SO submissive in my presence, like a complete different person, she act with me like she use to act with my uncle now, and my uncle is a super masculine guy.

Its so freaky to see.

Pheromones, for sure. Women can ‘sense’ it, smell it, whatever. Studies have also shown, however, it depends on where they are in their menstrual cycle. Forget the specifics, but at certain points in their cycle (I think it’s around ovulation, since that has been shown to increase arousal and interest in sex) they crave and respond to higher testosterone males (alphas), while at other points in the cycle they essentially go into a ‘nesting’ phase and respond more toward lower test males (betas).

Basically, when their body tells them it’s time to breed they go for the alpha - stronger, more masculine, stronger genes for their (potential) offspring. Once they are pregnant (or not ovulating), they look for the more nurturing male, a guy who thinks and acts more like a woman. IE, the beta.

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Wait, There’s actually something to this, so if I had Dallas McCarver esque testosterone levels (55,000ng/dl (may he Rest In Peace)) I would have girls surrounding me day and night?

I’ve seen posts of people saying girls tend to flock towards them when they’re on tren, swearing that girls can “smell it on them” I thought it was all broscience and whatnot but maybe there’s actually something to it.

I’m now picturing a feminist blogger happening upon this conversation and creating a whole Twitter thread about our toxic masculinity.


Yur on a test cycle it’s not magic…yur just more horny & more aggressive… Best time to let Darth Vader out & smash… My advice is get on POF tinder & bang some hot milfs on AM…this way u get variety in yur diet…it’s important 4 yur gainz
8 chics in 10 weeks is impressive but we’re they 7s or better? I’ve bagged some turds on test cycles I regret… Don’t get me wrong it was fun but when u have gorilla levels of test in yur system yur either crushing :smiley_cat: or jerkin it 5x a day or sometimes both. I agree with most everyone here. The test cycle is fun AF even if gainz aren’t best you’ll create memories that last a lifetime… just don’t create child support payments u can’t make :joy:


Make sure not to mention that high estrogen levels is often what make men on cycle moody and aggressive. They for sure want to blame the test, not a hormone associated with women.

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I’m going to agree with both perspectives expressed here. It is a confidence thing, and it is a physiological response.

Funny story: Every Saturday morning, I work out with the same group for strongman training. Generally, I only do 1 injection per week, I don’t like to do shorter esters. That’s usually on Monday or Tuesday evening. But on this particular Saturday, I decided to try a super fast acting mix that had test and tren in it (I think test suspension, can’t remember what form the tren was), and it was supposed to work, essentially, like a pre-workout steroid. I pinned it at like 8am. At the gym at 10am. I walked in the door, and within 1 minute, a friend came all the way across the gym to me. He said ‘did you do an injection this morning? I can smell it from across the gym.’ And he even figured out where I injected: right delt. There were maybe 20 people in the gym, and he picked out this ‘scent’ anyway. From probably 40 feet away. Immediately. I couldn’t fucking believe it. He also said ‘it’s the same scent Steven always has on him’. Steven happens to be the guy I got this vial from.

So yea. I’m a FIRM believer in the physio response.