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Testosterone and Fats


I know that fats are linked with T. Can someone give me a reason as to why. I don't think I've read why more fat = more T. Also, what kind of fats are linked to more T? Or will any fats lead to more T but it's better to eat healthy fats?


As I remember, the fatty acid arachidonic acid is necessary for the Leydig cells to produce Testosterone.

It's a component of saturated fats, like those found in high concentrations of animal fat.

Just try to keep saturated fats at about 30% of your daily intake of fats.


Now that is so interesting because anarchondic acid is the latest bad boy in the nutritional press. Now I found out that he ought to be my friend and close companion!

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if it?s a linear sort of thing, i.e the more saturated fat you consume the more T that (potentially) is produced. Or is it more like vitamins: you reach a point of rapidly diminishing returns, i.e. it makes a huge difference if you?re low on a vitamin but at some point (probably near the RDA) you get less benefit?


The point at which the blood can no loger course thru your veins because of the fat and cholesterol build-up is a point you wouln't want to reach.

Simply, yes. like most things they can be overdone. This is why the 30% amount was thrown out there. At that point, or thereabouts, diminishing returns. Any added T would be cancelled by the health risks.


So at 30% my bloodwork should stay be good, right? I've got good cholesterol/HDL/LDL for my age. Can I keep it that way at 30%, then?


I put up a neat post about my experience with coconut oil.Coconut oil can really help you in that area.make sure it's organic coconut oil though.Believe it or not,the 2 grams of fat in the oil is "good"saturated fat.Do some research on it my friend.Good luck.


Thx, Grim. I will read it...


Btw, why do you feel it has to be organic?