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Testosterone and DHEA Question



Would it be unusual to have DHEA at the higher end of the range and Testosterone at the lower end of the range?

I was looking through some tests I took years ago when I was 33 years old.

Test Name                               Result                           Reference range

DHEA Sulfate                         430 ug/dl                         59-452

Total Testosterone                  311 ng/dl                        260-1000

Free Testosterone
Testosterone,% Free              2.4 percent                    1.0-2.7

Testosterone free                   76.1 pg/ml                      50-210 

Sex Hormone Bind Glob         14  nmol/L                     7-50

Estradiol high sensit.                10 ng/l                       0-30

IGF-1                                     172    ng/ml                   114-492   

I believe my LH and FSH were at the low end of the normal range (like 1 out of a 1-10 range) but I don't have those papers anymore.

I wondered why my total and free testosterone tend to stay in this range and was looking for a specific reason.

Could it be the DHEA is not converting to Testosterone efficiently enough?



DHEA --> T inside the testes is regulated by LH. Low LH is the problem.

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