Testosterone and Dan Rather

Just thought I’d post a note that I saw a preview for a story about Testosterone replacement on the Evening News with Dan Rather tonight. Probably just more uneducated, misguided views by the press, but I’ll probably check it out anyway.

yes, I saw the clip. It’ll be on tonites show. Probably won’t be worth shite, but I think everyone here will be interested in the T-injections.

Thanks for reminding me. I was going to make the same post but forgot.

Most of the time the mainstream media looks kindly on test replacement because they dont realize testosterone is a steroid.


While that may be true about most not realizing it’s steroid, Testosterone has still been bastardized by the media and feminists. Saying they “look kindly” at it seems a bit optimistic to me.

Akheron, I agree that they may not “look kindly” on testosterone replacement, but it’s demonized nowhere near as much as steroids (or ephedra :).