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Testosterone and Blood Clots

Hi guys , wondering how much does one need to worry about increased rbc and clotting on 500-750 mg of testoserone ?

Depends on how high it gets. Most people don’t have any serious issues. Is yours already high to start with?

No everything was normal pre cycle

Then don’t worry about it. Mid cycle bloods will tell you if there’s anything to worry about. Those of us on trt deal with this issue eventually.

No one should start a cycle without pre bloods to see if you need to donate right off the bat.
HCT is the one to worry about.

Hct was 46. Reference range 41-51
RBC 5.28 reference range 4.63-6.08

Does one have to worry about thickening or clotting of the blood on 500-750 mg testoserone E a week ? I’ve read alot of scary articles. Is their a way to combat such affects or slightly reduce them ?

TRT doesn’t cause blood clots unless you have a clotting disorder.

Everything you wanted to know about TRT, there is strong evidence TRT doesn’t cause prostate cancer, blood clotting, heart attacks and/or strokes. The absence of TRT and having lower than normal testosterone is shown to cause a bunch of nasty diseases.

yea but OP is talking about 5-750mg of test per week

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You probably want to post in the Pharma section

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Not likely an issue. If you have underlying conditions like hemachromatosis or something you need to be careful, but that is by no means a particularly large dose in non-TRT pursuits.

I’ve been cruising on 500mg for a year or two and just continue to donate blood every 3-4 months as RBC does creep up. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about as a lot of people have been cruising on 400 for decades.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll check out the pharma section as well

A lot of competitive weightlifters did that much in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Never knew one to develop a blood clot.