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Testosterone and Attracting the Opposite Sex

So this might be a long read but bare with me. I began lifting weights recently again after a hiatus. Before beginning I was experiencing the usual symptoms of low testosterone (depression, irritability, high body fat, low strength, anxiety, difficulty getting an erection). I decided to fix this naturally by eating right, lifting heavy and sleeping better. A few months in and things had turned completely around for me. Btw I have never done drugs or had a drinking problem.

I’ve gotten a lot leaner, stronger and overall more attractive. Girls occasionally comment on my physique by saying how attractive my arms look. All my previous symptoms have disappeared and i’m getting a lot more attention from women. I got my testosterone levels checked and my doctor was hesitant to even order a test because i’m so young (24) but I convinced him saying I’d like it as a baseline for later. He agreed and my levels came back around 810 ng/dl which is considered on the high normal.

Anyways, now time to get to the point. Before I began lifting again I would never think about approaching a girl at the gym, but nowadays I just simply don’t give a fuck. The other day some guy was working out with a girl and I wasn’t sure if it was her bf. She kept looking at me and even abandoned him for a while and began doing curls right next to me while gazing at me in the mirror. I was about to go approach her with the guy near her and my friend had to convince me to not do it because it could cause conflict. I agreed and decided not to do it.

At any rate, do you guys think think that this i a byproduct of higher testosterone? I sometimes feel narcissistic and superhuman. I treat women like absolute crap and for some reason they’re very receptive to it. For example I have no interest in cuddling or being in a committed relationship. I see women just as a tool to help satisfy my sexual needs and that’s it. Before I was looking for a long lasting relationship, now I just don’t give a fuck. No I have never been cheated on or had my heart broken. Anyone else experience this? on a side note, what do you guys think about approaching girls at the gym?

I think you should see a therapist. That’s some sociopathic level shit.

But, yes elevated testosterone levels can, in my experience, lead to increased sexual desire as well as a better physique. I don’t think these are ground breaking observations.


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You are very likely going to have some years ahead of you that you are going to regret and perhaps be ashamed of one day.

Try not to leave a digital footprint behind.



I’ll take the over, if it doesn’t flame out and die before then.

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He started off so strong, but seems to have died off now. We need some serious replies, you know, get things stiring again. You think bulldog had seen this? He’s good for a comment or two.

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Post a pick of yourself so we can see if your attitude is warranted.


I was informed…


There are plenty of guys on here with T levels 2-3x (and more) higher than yours, and they neither feel nor act the way you do. So no, we can’t blame the T levels–it’s you. And as intimated by several posters above, your current mental state does not bode well vis a vis the prospect of you living a happy life. You need to throw a circuit breaker and interrupt this pattern before it becomes ingrained, and before you experience significant and lasting damage.


Is it a bad sign for humanity when someone thinks they need to make a “this might be a long read” warning for four paragraphs? The entirety of the post fits on one screen. It’s not like I had a risk of getting half way through and not knowing how much was left.

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“Grabs popcorn” :popcorn:

You’re right and I do believe that there might be something psychologically wrong. However as I mentioned in my OP, women appear to be very receptive to my behavior. Just to be clear i’m not verbally or physically abusing women. I just don’t put them on a pedestal and show no emotional investment to them at all. No, “hey how was your day” or “how are you feeling today”. Just, “come over around 3pm, don’t be late”. These women have a strong sense of respect towards me and I don’t get flaked on anymore. They even refer me to their friends lol. But this behavior is in its infant stage and as you mentioned is probably not conducive to an overall happy fulfilled life. I’m not an asshole to my family, friends or random strangers. I prioritize my family, friends and career. I do believe testosterone has something to do with this. The increase in confidence didn’t just come out of no where.

You’re only a youngster and, I guess, so are the women that are responding to you.

A significant problem many young women (and some not so young ones, too) have, is being unable to distinguish between truly Alpha behaviour, and jerk behaviour that looks at first sight as though it’s Alpha.

So maybe right now you’re being a jerk, and the women haven’t worked it out yet.

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Oooooh buddy, I love threads like this.



Baby mama’s know when they got a live one.

Pardon me for my ignorance but differentiate to me between a beta, alpha and jerk. I suppose someone that’s constantly getting emotionally invested would be quicker to end up in the friend zone as opposed to getting in her pants?

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“My test is so damn high that I can’t help but treat girls like crap… and the ladieszzz love me for it. They just can’t keep their eyes off me… the struggle is real. Oh, why do I have to be so damn alpha? Can someone please help me to not be such a stud?”

(I’m just kidding, OP :laughing: )

Are you doing this because Alpha Destiny said this is what he did?

Like @bulldog9899 said, post physique so we know if your behavior is warranted by your looks. Maybe you’re fine af and that’s why women like it

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