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Testosterone - All at Once?


Original Post: Is it better for muscle effect to take my testosterone replacement all at once or in a morning and and evening dose?
Thank you.

Hello, I have read Catastrophe's comments below and am editing my post.

Pardon my ignorance as I am new to the site but I can't see the "stickies" Catastrophe is referring to. I see the "Store, Training Lab, Articles, Forum, Video" menus. I can also see the Twitter, Google, RSS and other icons.

I am on Testosterone replacement. Deficiency was uncovered by left orchiectomy for cancer. My test results are in SI (Metric) units as I live in Canada. My testosterone levels have varied a little but the most recent on Andriol capsules, 3 pills twice a day was 5 (normal = 8-35).

I am 5' 11" and 170 lbs. I am a marathoner and planning for an ultra marathon in the mountains 77 miles long with 17,000 feet of elevation changes. In my original post I mention I am looking for maximal muscle effect. What I mean is that right now I am less concerned about skin, sexual, energy, mood effects and am most interested in maximizing strength and endurance benefits from my training and testosterone replacement.

I am now on Androgel 1%, 7.5 gms (6 pumps) / day. My question is this: Which will help with strength and endurance to get maximal benefit from my exercise training - all at once in the morning or half dose in morning and half dose in the evening? In addition, it looks like I was not absorbing Andriol well and so have been switched to Androgel 1%. In people's experience, does this work better?



Please read the stickies at the top of the forum and supply us with a little info. We needs some basics on you, and any labs you have in order to help you. Also reading the Protocol Sticky may answer what you're asking.

Also, what do you mean by "muscle effect"? Is it a question better handled in the Steroids or Training Forums, and not in the area for bringing your body back to its natural hormone levels?