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Testosterone - Alcohol

If alcohol supresses testosterone, why do I feel so horny when I’m pissed, and even hornier the next day, surely it must be because my testosterone levels have gone up???

Alcohol increases dopamine levels - the “feel good reward” neurotransmitter. (dopamine releases is one of the things that can contribute to alcoholism). Dopamine can effect both aggression (drunks that want to fight) and sexual urges (drunks wanting sex with the ugly chick at the end of the bar). So the side effects you are referring to are not due to T but to dopamine. In the long haul, alcohol WILL suppress T. All alcoholics end up with low T. And if you drink beer - hops are very estrogenic, more so than soy. Note on the dopamine though, that you will crash and dopamine will be inhibited later, so alcohol causes wild dopamine “swings”. It’s better that dopamine levels be more consistent.

Not sure about the hormone levels but psychologically you lose most inhabitions therefore confidence has skyrocketted! You feel like you can do anything, especially approach any number of gorgeous women and believe that your a chance. However how many of you have had floppy cock syndrome all because of intoxication?

I asked something like this a while back and the best answer I got was that alcohol exerts its effects on the frontal lobe of the brain. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling our instinctive urges. First instinct is to survive. So if someone challenges you you will not back down. Second instinct is to reproduce so you get any ugly chick you can find. Also, through autopsies we have found that serial killers have a common trait: a disproportionately smaller frontal lobe when compared to the rest of their brain.