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Testosterone After Heart Transplant?

I am on the heart transplant. I am 40 and got a virus that effected my heart. I have been on Test replacement therapy prior to this. Now, I am living on a LVAD left ventricular assistid device which means I live on batteries. I am following all the DR orders. I am trying to find as many studies on Testosterone and heart health after transplant. I am not sure that there is a lot out there. I have been searching the web. I am more than willing to be a test patient for the Dr. I just wanted to get your professional opinions. I am not trying to get big, just my normal size, strength and endurance back. 5’9" 195

Hi @garen000, Wow man life had dealt you a rough hand. I have no experience it what you are asking for. I just want to post to let you know you’ve got a shoulder to lean on / someone to talk to.
I hope someone out there has a link to a study that will help you. Best of luck.

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I have been a member on T-Nation since 2017 and have heard of those with heart problems asking for advice about TRT, but none such as this.

I believe we/you are in uncharted territory. Your heart still needs healthy testosterone regardless, we know what will happen down the road if testosterone is kept low.

Testosterone and the Heart


Thank you for the support and kind words.

Yes it does feel like I am in uncharted territory. As I go down this journey I will be sure to post what my doctors and teams suggestions are as well as to new studies I find. So I can help any others that are out there in my situation. My hope is that after a year after transplant the Dr approves the prescription of low level testosterone therapy.

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Think about it like this, if you had naturally high testosterone, your doctors wouldn’t give you a pill to lower testosterone because of your heart condition, if they wouldn’t do such a thing than TRT should be welcomed with open arms.

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There are some more progressive cardiologists out there referring cardio patients for TRT. Test decreases visceral fat, improves insulin sensitivity, improves lipid profiles and is therefore quite cardioprotective.

Good luck to you going through this process.

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