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Testosterone & Acne


Hello people! Been on TRT for about 3 years. Over the last year my chest and back acne has become extreme. I don’t have the best insurance so prescriptions are not covered. Also I have tried MANY OTC’s. I am really getting fed up and tbh embarrassed to take my shirt off. Any advice or possible treatments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


What’s your estrogen level like? I know I had bacne when my E2 levels werent being controlled. Might look at that first. For me, personally, I went online and found an overseas pharmacy that sold Accutane and bought enough for a VERY mild dose. Worked great, no side effects.


I agree with getting your e2 checked. My acne has been less on clomid and arimidex than before.

Get some 10% benzoyl peroxide, use a little and rub in with water. Do it at night, but be warned, you will bleach out your sheets.


Ive had bad acne in my younger years. Was prescribed accutane for 2 cycles.

Would NOT recommend this without a serious prescription. This is some strong chemistry and can mess up your body for good. ((Google this if you dont believe me))


I know exactly what the chemistry is. My ex wife and my daughter were both on this. Hence the reason I took a 1/4 dose for only 30 days.


E2 at last check was 19.6.


KSMan says optimum is 22, so you are right there. When I had my bacne, some places recommend black african soap. i never tried this but you might.


Any other cards you can lay on the table?

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