Testosterone 500mg/Week Guidance

I started Testosterone ethanate today at 500mg per week split into 2 shots of 250mg every 3.5 days. I’m planning on doing this for +/- 10 weeks.

I have never done any steroids before. I weigh 210lb, I am 5’11 and have about 20% body fat. I have been training hard with weights for 2 months only after a long period of no training. I also plan on taking one anastrazole after each shot. Any experience, advice or guidance to maximize on this course would be most appreciated.

You probably will end up joint pain unless be extremely careful with weight increase

I did same cycle and even though I had been working out constantly I did get wrist injury and golfers elbow that took lots of months to heal

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This is after a stall? Like you’ve got a good base and you’re just trying to get back to it using the AAS? Or you’ve been lifting for 2 months and jumped right into the cycle?

Likely too much AI starting off. I’d wait to see if you need it with labs/symptoms

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I’m a 2 month in beginner

My best advice would be to let this be your last injection and quit the cycle. The probability that a cycle makes sense for you now is likely zero.


Build a foundation naturally for at least 2 years, minimum. Get strong on compound exercises, e.g., bench press, OH press, squat, deadlift, pull-ups.

Then revisit the idea of AAS.

If you insist on pressing on with AAS, IMO, you will be wasting it. You don’t know how to lift effectively to involve the optimal amount of muscle.


So… your whole life?


I’m not gonna drop the idea, is there no one who’s willing to tell me what I should do and how to maximize on something I have clearly already decided I’m doing regardless. Instead of telling me not to. As if I’m gonna listen to you and throw my gear away.

Your cycle sounds perfect… PCT?

I dont see the point of someone so smart being on this forum with us, stupid shits, but hey, maybe you are here to bless us with your presence.

Whats the best you can do is - take before and after pictures and shock us with your amazing progress.


Why then listen when we tell you how to cycle? Every advice we give on HOW is worthless to you. The best advice is to stop now. But if you know better, then go for it.

Quick tip, use the search bar and search for “first cycle”.

Good luck


I’d bet that intensity, volume, frequency, food, & recovery are all lacking, so the cycle is actually the best part of the training… OP, am I wrong?

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It’s all I can do to keep “sink” from coming out of my mouth and onto the keyboard, so:

How much can you bench press 5 reps?
How much can you squat 5 reps?
How much can you deadlift 5 reps?
How many pull-ups can you do?
Do you have enough guts to post a pic of yourself?

All that said, I wish you the best.

Then 99.99% you will get tendon injury

Well maybe after a cycle of steroids you will be able to outsquat a girl that has been training for a few months.


These are my favorite threads


You have a rather sadistic side I gather? I have a slightly different reaction. Grief mixed with the overwhelming urge to run from this place and never look back.

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I think you can help this guy. He seems very open to learning


What is your goal? What are you trying to maximize? Be specific and tell us how you got to this point where you believe you need 500 mg/week of test ester for 10 weeks to maximize ________?

What is one anastrozole? State the mass per tablet (dosage).

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I have a bad feeling that it is 1 mg, like 95% of the tabs out on the market. 2 mg of adex with 500 mg Test will be too much for many guys.

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