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Testosterone 1100 in 2nd Day After Injection

Hi - I made tests in 2nd day after injection
I inject twice a week 0,75 of enantate.
My result was 1100 - is it dangerously high? Did I do test to early?

Also my E2 was 56 (non sensitive test) - I take about 0,15mg of anastrazole (0,5 mg crushed my e2 to 0, trying to tune it up now). Will go for 0,3 now maybe?

It’s not dangerously high in my opinion especially that it’s just after your shot - personally I would stay away from AI unless you are really prone and give the body time to normalize levels itself also more frequent injections could help keep e2 naturally lower and avoid rollercoaster ride - DIM+CDG or zinc is a healthier form of e2 control

A5 worst my e2 was close to 90
Im on trt for 1 year and im not really into feeling like little girl crying because “let it go” lyrics when it’s on ratio xd


I assume that is 150mg injected twice weekly. I’m surprised it was not higher. Not a problem though. What is your free test level?

Ideally, you want to test at trough. Get your blood drawn on the day of your injection, prior to the injection.

When did you take anastrozole? E2 would typically be higher at day 2. Any symptoms of elevated E2? If no, I would not change anything.

No, 150 per weeek in total

2x0,75 mg

Ai taken with injection

And I forgot to mention hcg :slight_smile: ~250/300ui

OK, why the hCG?

Just to avoid atrophy
Balls hurt before, it helped

My last E2 tests came up with ~50
0,5mg of anastrazole crushed e2 to 0, I take 0,3 now and E2 is high ;(
I mix 3mg in 10ml of vodka and I administer 1 ml in the day of injection (0,75 of T and ~330 ui of HCG - twice a week). I’m getting brainfog and it’s irritating - maybe I should test for prolactin too?