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Testosterone @ 1055ng/dL


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Well, after 6 weeks of jus' Testosterone Cypionate (50 mg's every 4 days), I went from a 300ish level to 1055ng/dL. I am in the process of obtaining some insurance because I had ran out so they only tested total testosterone to keep the costs to a minimum.

My jaw hit the floor when I heard my results. I was SO SURE my Testosterone was still in the tank because I was feeling exactly the same. I was guessing that the 50mg's shut down my natural production and it wasn't enough to compensate for my natural production of 300 + more supplemental T.

I wanted them to retest my Estradiol numbers but that test alone was 230 bucks so I decided to wait on that. Isn't there a place I can order an E2 test online and walk into a lab to have my blood drawn without a doctor's referral? I'm hoping it would be significantly cheaper. I'm beginning to think my E2 level is in check because at 1055ng/dL, it seems like none of my 50mg's are going to waste!

I don't know what to do. I am in a state of shock still. I plan on going back on an AI once I establish a baseline of TT, FT and E2 on 50mg of T Cyp alone. What else should I look into? As stated before, my TSH was below 2.00, T4, and T3 were in the upper range. The only thing I wonder about is my FT3 levels but at this point, I'm feeling hopeless that'll change a damn thing.


www.privatemdlabs.com and www.lef.org both offer cheap blood testing. You should choose the womans profile so it will give you estradiol--the fact that you are not a woman is not relevant because they will select you as a man once you are in the labcorp/quest office....


Just a quick correction: you select "male" later on during the online application, not at the office. The fact that it's a female hormone panel is irrelevant, like VT said.


roger...thanks for the correction, ive never used it myself so i wasnt 100% sure...


Thanks for the recommendation guys. I went through Lef.org and paid only 40 bucks for the Estradiol test and got my results:

Estradiol: 62.3pg/dL (Range: 7.6 - 42.6)


looks like its time to either lower your T dose or look at an AI


I'm on a conservative dose of 50mg's E4D. I will bring up the AI with my doctor but looking for some peer-reviewed journal articles to prove my case. Does anyone have such articles?


You are looking for peer reviews that demonstrate arimidex lowers estrogen? Or that it can be used in conjunction with TRT for men to help them control aromatase?

The former will obviously be easy since that is what its used for lol

The former is a bit trickier. I posted a link in the TRT Protocol sticky published by Dr. Crisler called "TRT: A Recipe for Success"...I'm sure there are others out there, but I'm not aware of them...

Agree that your dose is conservative, but it is maybe still a little too much for your body to process (which is why its dumping to E2)...the reasons for this could be many: lower cortisol, low thyroid hormones, high reverse T3...all can contribute...I don't think you've tested those recently have you?


Well, I decided to give this dosage a few more weeks along with my 0.25mg's of Anastrazole EOD but nothing has changed for me. I'm not even seeing any other improvements like decrease in fat, increase muscle etc etc. I'm starting to lose hope.