Testosterona 200 From Brovel

Hey guys, has anyone seen the Test 200 vials that come from Mexico? They look very legit, because they come with the hologram stamp on the box and vial. But is it still legit if the top of the vial doesn’t have Brovel Labratorios printed on it? I’ve tried the freezer test, but I don’t understand how it works?

Why does anyone use that underdosed dogshit when you can get a fully potent Primoteston 250 from Schering? Boggles my mind.

Wow! Brovel is just plain shit. Please be warned…

i will agree with the general thought of mexican vet gear being bottom of the totem pole. but i must say some of my best cycles have included tornel enanthate which is essentially the same thing. just my .02. i buy mostly human grade or underground gear now.

I am not sure what experiences all of you have had with Brovel but I myslef have had great luck. Where I live most of what you get is all vet and allot of Brovel. I have used it off and on since 1997 ( that is there Testeronna and the form of Deca) without problems. I did however notice that not all bottles are equal in terms of amount. I dont think I have had many ten cc bottles like they are susposed to be. Most of the time they are 9- 9.5. Good luck and choose your site injections carefully just in case your gear ends up being funky. You can hide a bad site injection on your ass allot easier than say your shoulder.