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Testosterne Level too High?

Hi gang. I can’t believe what’s happening. A quick rundown on my condition. I’m 66 and weigh 270. I lost 60 lbs this past year and I’m shooting for another 60. I eat better with fish oil and all kinds of nutritional supplements.

My weight workout consists of 3-6 sets per exercise and usually, 4 to 6 reps. Besides losing weight I’m slowly, but surely, getting stronger also.

Now to the testosterone condition. A few years ago my test level was under 200. That doctor put me on Androgel and after awhile my level went to the mid 300’s and stayed there. I aquired a new primary doctor that believed in test shots and he put me on 300mg of Delatestryl every 2 weeks.

That brought my level up to around 400. No amount of asking him for more worked, so with my economic situation, I figured this is what I’m stuck with. I definitely improved, but not near the numbers that I read about in T-Nation. I began taking liuid Adex-4 drops eod.
In March, 2008, I had the following test results.

Total test serum 1047 ng,dl range 241-827
Free test direct 48.9 pg/ml
Estradiol level 32 pg/ml
This test was done by LabCorp.

My first doctor, who I have to keep as a rheumatologist, got concerned as it was above range. I snickered and sneered quietly as I finally hit the golden numbers talked about in T-Nation.

OK. So now I just had another test in September 2008 as I was was wondering if the prior one was just another LabCorp screwup. This one was done by Quest.

Total test 1239 ng/dL range 250-1100
Free test 421.3 pg/mL
Estradiol was not checked this time.
So now I’m asking all you folks who have written all those most interesting posts on testosterone if such an improvement is possible, on the comparatively low dosage that I get, or is something going wrong with me?

I’m not complaining about these levels, it just seems too good to be true.

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Your results have been seen with others. They are possible.

A health hazard is not demonstrated to exist.

Too high for what?

Hey guys. First let me say that I am not complaining about my higher test level. I was just so surprised that my level shot up considering that I did not change the injection routine. When the test level was lower I received help from other T-Nation members suggesting that I get higher dosed and more frequent injections. With my limited knowledge I didn’t understand if this sudden increase is the natural order of trt. Hell, I would be more than happy to pass on info to all of you if my change of dietary or workout habits led to a higher test level.

As for the doctor, you all know the bullshit game we have to play with them just to get on trt. If they see a level higher than what my age group calls for they could refuse to give me what I need. Insurance companies bust balls with that stuff.

…couple of factors could’ve influenced the change in levels.

Different labs will always have different results. I would try and use the same labs, it keeps consistency.

Did you have the blood work done on the exact same day of your injection schedule (both times)? If you’re doing 300mg every two weeks, depending on what day pre(or post)-injection you have blood taken, levels could vary by 100’s and 100’s of ng/dL.