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TestoPrim Warning!

I live in a Border town in Texas where I can easily drive 15 minutes and get gear. For as long as I can remember I have been getting Sustenon 250, Deca and Humotrope at very resonable pricing. When it comes to the Deca and the Sustenon I usually pay $2 to get the injection right there on the spot. The Sustenon shots hurt like hell, but had become tolerable.

Recently, the pharmacy was out of both Deca and Sustenon so I was offered some gear called TestoPrim.

Make a long story short, I got a severe case of Test flu, my ass is swollen and I am in so much pain I am seriously considering going to a local doc if I dont get better.
Stay away from this Crap!

I remember seeing Testoprim-D all over Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo about a year ago: 200mg enth and 50mg prop per mL, IIRC.

Anyway, I’ve read about more than a few similar experiences regarding this same supposed pharm-grade product.

testoprim d is all over mexico.
it is 200ml test enth and 50ml prop.

its also very painful if its real but its also faked a whole lot.
look at the box even the real stuff looks bogus .

I passed on this stuff a few days ago it was cheap enough but the risk was too high for me.