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Testoprim -D


For all of you who have went to Mexican pharmacies and seen the red boxes with white letters which state "Testoprim-D"and considered incorperating it or know someone who does beware. The box contains 3 amps and 3 syringes. Each glass amp contains 200mg Enanthe & 50mg Propionate. This is human grade test and will make you feel as good as their tap water or the disease bagged whores who prowl their streets. Injection sites become painful, swollen, pink, and the size of baseballs, not to mention the test flu. These symptoms last a few days and it is impossible to do injections anywhere other than glutes trust me.Other than having a rattle snake bite like injection site the gains are decent but not worth it if you ask me.
Just wanted to give a heads up..

Testoprim D -- Why No Love?
Testoprim D -- Why No Love?
Testoprim D -- Why No Love?

Dood, I totally feel ya bra., I have only been taking it a week (2 shots) and it takes a week for the pain in the ass to go away b4 the next shot in the same cheek. Sounds like you've been taking it longer - how long did you take it? Strasseroids said it was good stuff - close to Sust 250 but I guess he didn't know about the painful post-injection.

Can you tell me what frequency you went with as well? (I landed on Monday's and Friday's with Deca on Wednesdays.) The only time I have ever felt like this was from Winny and it was only for one day per injection (and some days no flu)...this testoprim flu has only diminished slightly between shots...does it react this way ALL the way throught the cycle?

The other thing was that the amps are only 7/10 of a CC...does this mean I'm only getting 175mg or is there 250mg/amp.


I have one of the old T-Mags from a few years ago, and Cy (i think) wrote an article and said the Testoprim-D should be avoided at all costs! He metioned the exact pain and descriptions you mentioned. Toss that shit.


I talked to my guy who has also used this stuff, he kinda laughed and said I guess I should of warned you. He went on to say that it's really just the first week that these sides are exhibited and I believe him for a couple of reasons:

I have taken my 3rd injection and it barely hurts while my last injection from week 1 still aches. Secondly, I asked him if I'm getting 250mg per dose or 175mg since the amp is only .7 of a CC and he said "I'd just be guessing but I believe it is 250mg/amp...

I'm not going to lie to you and pretend that I really know the answer to that". I'll update in a few weeks on results so that others who find themselves with Testoprim -D on hand can guage for themselves whether it is worth the proverbial "pain in the ass".


I have done a full cycle using Testoprim-D for over a 9 week period utulizing 30 viles. The first three weeks were the worst of it, however I was hitting it on mondays and thursdays. I found mixed with 1/2 c of Deca they started to become painless. After the first three weeks the pain was only there for about a day after each hit. Yes the first one sucked. The pain is defenantly caused from the prop. In my earlier years I did a full cycle using prop alone, I will never do that again, but at least I have been aquainted with the pain caused by prop.

Now as far as the underdosing is concirned. Yes they are slightly under dosed but I have found that a slight amount stays in the nipple of the vile. Let the vile sit upwards for a 24 hour period and you'll see that you will get more out of it. In addition, the pins also retain a small amount in the nipple. This all adds up. I have found as soon as I had hit myself, I have taken a fresh pin to extract from the nipple of the old pin and then placed in my frig. Come time for my next hit, the pins nipple is prety much full finding my dose to be just under 1c. Either way it is slightly underdoesed but not .3 from my experiance.

As for my gains on T-D, I have put on 20lbs and have increased my streinght by 34-40%. My bench went from 315 to 460 at 10 reps. Maxed on 505 twice. Is it worth it, I thought so but to each there own.


I personally wouldnt use gear at all if it made me feel like that. All of my most recent prop injections have also been completely painless.
Just for the record if its 250mg/ml strength and you have 3/4 of a ml then you will be getting 187.5 mg of test per amp.


Wow, I forgot all about this thread. I finished up this gear a couple of months ago and I just have to say that I couldn't wait to be done with those injections. It wasn't just the injection site pain, which btw was accompanied often by golf ball size lumps in my ass, but the winstrol-like flu sickening feeling I would get. I made some gains yes, but nothing I couldn't have done using deca/single-ester test combo IMO.

Now if you ask mazilla he has a much different opinion than I do. This site is designed so that we may benefit from everyone's opinion which is why I add that mazilla had some experience with this as well, not to get into it with him again over whether or not I am a pussy for not recommending the cycle.

While I enjoyed the banter maz, I think we should keep this topic open-minded for now; so if you have something to add...by all means. Bygones.

PS forbiddentoy...you are a strong MF!!


well im am on here to say testoprin d is my first gear to use, ive had great resaults, but it hurts like a mutha fucker the first week or so. ive been hitting up my glutes and its bearable, my first on i did in my shoulder, dumb move, could bearly work out for about 3-4 days. but so far (about 4 weeks in) ive had great gains, i am a skinny bastard 6'3" 168lbs when i started, i just weighed in today and hit the 180 mark. i would recomend this only if your not concerned with the pain/knot at the site you injected.


6'3 168 FTW !!!

What exactly are you the 'King' of? Carrotzz ????


lol! I really cannot comprehend why someone would decide to use steroids at that size...he will probably never break 200 pounds now.


AHHH YES...testoprim -d i have some not so good memories of that many many years ago

and waylander it could be worse look at the guys post asking about sust/eq/primo...wanting to take 1700mg per week and hes at 145lbs


first of all im the king of the world! lol but yeah im a skinny mutha fucker. i just cant seem to gain size any other way. and so far this is worken. i aint tryen to get huge, i just want some more weight.


Take a picture holding up a newspaper and how much you weigh the day your cycle ends. Then take another picture with a newspaper 3 months later. There is no doubt you will be back under 165 pounds within 3 months of the end of the cycle.


I rarely venture up to that amount even still.. (attempting to save at least some ace cards!)


Many user will generally end up with somewhere around 1.2-1.5 grams a week of androgens. Im not sure I would call that an ace...

750mg-1000mg of test + 250-400 mg deca/tren/Mast/EQ whatever + 50 mg of orals a day....

That isnt anything "crazy" thats a pretty normal cycle in many people's opinions...

Even the standard newbie cycle of 500mg test/week and 30-40mg dbol/day is going to be about 700-800mg/week.



Seeing as i can continue to develop and be pretty well built already on around 1g/wk (upto 1.5/wk as a max), then the better it stands me in stead for progression in the future.

Add to that GH which i am deliberately holding off too and i am insured for growth for years to come.

THAT is the ace card, not that xmg is an ace card in and of itself.

I think about AAS in the following way:

When training naturally, you need consistency, intensity and progression as standard. You grow.. and say you train for 10 years with all out effort, you will approach a ceiling of the development you can achieve.

If you remove one of the limiting variables (anabolic steroid production) and increase it, you can further grow where you would not have been able to before.

Many guys think that you need to continually increase the dose to continue to gain. This is not true. The fact that you have raised the level of anabolic hormones past physiological levels is enough.. add to this increased ability to grow muscle the progressive, intense and consistent training and you have better results long term - not just for 12 weeks or whatever.

It is not necessary to keep adding more drugs to grow - with the right effort you will grow regardless - the drugs remove certain hormonal limitations allowing one to progress past what was possible with your genetics (genetics dictating the amount of T you can produce).

This is how i approach my use of AAS.. use some to increase my ability to grow upto the point that is physiologically possible given 500mg (for example) of AAS, at which point i add more to increase the 'glass ceiling' of my development.

To start on 1.5g is overkill IMPO - but common nonetheless.

It wouldn't be so bad if guys started on 1.5g and allowed that to increase their level of development potential so they could maximise it over the following years.. but they simply ass another 2-300mg each and every time they cycle.. soon reaching a point where they have a massive potential to grow but no patience to put in the time - as they assume that more drugs = more muscle.

Well it doesn't.

(i know you know this West, it is more for others - the OP for one)



yes but the post referenced a user who tipped the scales at 145lbs and was obviously about 16 years old



Amusing to say the least. Food: the most anabolic substance known to man...

And back at J-J. Im very much in agreement with your philosophy, diminishing returns is hit pretty fast with most users taking much over 2 grams, hormones are just signals, once the androgen aspect is running close to all out, doubling the signal has little effect if any.

Its just that Im not sure I would specifically consider any AAS to be an "ace" for growth, strength/fatloss/etc, sure.

I feel like insulin is the last card you can play after a certain point of development for just pure growth, and definitely the most effective. Its a "signal" as well, but adds a whole new aspect to anabolic activity.


Me either.. it is that i consider AAS/GH/slin - all anabolic PED to be ace cards in what i do.. and considering i started before i thought like that, (which cannot be undone) i make sure to minimise my use while maximising my gains so i can have plenty of room for improvement as far as more drugs go at least.

Know what i mean?

I agree about slin, and that is also something i have tried - purely for experimental reasons - but intend to utilise most as i near the upper etchelons of my development - likely over the next 10 years as i near 40.


Recently went to Mexico and picked up 3 doses of Testoprim-D on a whim. Thought it may be interesting to try, but it looks like this stuff is bad news. Other opinions on it?