Testopel Issues

I was diagnosed with low T 8 months ago. At first my health insurance was great but then it changed…thanks Obama care…however this is not what I am trying to discuss in this topic. I was on a gel and found my 4 year old son getting into it (trying to be like daddy). So I went on a search for a replacement that would be safer, better delivery system, and a cheaper solution as the gel was costing me 348 a month.

I found out about Testopel and did a lot of reading on it…headed in to my urologist and discussed this with him. He could perform this procedure for me and I went home. He got the Testopel in a few weeks and I headed in to have the procedure performed. That all went fine, and I headed home. Followed the instructions and it was a pain in you know where.

This is where my experience differs from some that I have read here. I wanted to get some responses from others about what is currently going on where the pellets got inserted to. So it has been 7 days sense I have had them put in…the wound has healed…however there remains a rather large lump where the pellets are at. This area is about 4 inches by 2 inches and about 1 inch puffed outward. It is redish and does feel a tad bit warm to the touch…and itchy at times.

I have had my urologist look at it and he said that this is normal…but that does not follow what I have read from others on this site nor the 3-4 day healing time.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t say that I know anything about this procedure, but if this differs from everything you have read I’d get a second doctors opinion. Seem a little sketchy to me.

the idea of pellets sounds good. in theory. steady release, no exposure, blah blah blah.

just like gels sound good. in theory. (learned this first hand). steady t, fewer peaks/valleys, blah blah blah.

in reality, it seems like 2x wk shots yourself are the best way to go. IMHO. hoping to switch over to this method at the end of next week, doc willing, along w/ adding hcg.

I’ve had them and had a similar experience. I think I went Into some detail on my log. This site isn’t very intuitive, so do a google search for “opinions in TRT kaynon” and it should come up. I also had some pretty heavy aromatase to E2 so if you don’t have an AI google anastrozole research chemical if you can’t get a script. You’ll want hCG to preserve your testes as well.

On the topic of creams/gels, if insurance won’t cover it you can get compounded creams for less than half of what you were paying.