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Testopel Dosage and Questions

Ok, been on TRT for several years now, switched to Testopel in May as I was tired of having to worry about the things you normally worry about doing it on your own—no bloodwork, questionable sources(although I never had issues with it), injection schedule etc…

So here is the questions I have for anyone doing this. My bloodwork came back with Total T levels not being that high(493) on my 4 week test but my free T levels being higher than the range. Obviously free T is what is important I assume but why is my total T still so low? That doesnt make much sense to me. Testing after 3 months showed my total T around 456 and free Test in the middle of the range.

My body seems to be very sensitive to androgens in general(reason why i can’t use anything stronger tham TRT…ive tried and my body tripped out…racing heart, high blood pressure, etc even when all precautions were taken), and the first week and a half to two weeks I had several instances where my heart would start racing for no apparent reason and remain elevated for a period of time. It wasn’t super high, maybe like 20-30 beats above normal but when you are standing or sitting still and your heart rate is going 110-120 it kind of trips you out. I assume this is because of the new influx of T my body was getting, and I had all the proper cardiac tests done including stress tests and a halter monitor for 48 hours there is nothing wrong…heart very healthy.

So I was wondering two things:

  1. Is it possible my body is breaking down the testopel too fast during the first couple of weeks causing too much T to be released initally?

  2. Why is my total T so low but my free T so high? I thought they kind of worked in tandem?

Has anypne else had similar experiwnces with the racing heart for the first week or two after the pellets were implanted?

A decrease in SHBG levels decreased Total T and increased Free T, that may be thyroid related as T3 speeds up every cell in the body including SHBG which is made in the liver.

I associate racing heart rates to estrogen.

Testopel was a wrong move, you can’t balance out your levels like with injections as levels are always changing. It may always be a rollercoaster.

Women do really good on pellets because their sensitivity to testosterone is much higher than that of men, so lower levels for a short while don’t affect women nearly as much as men.

How were you doing with injections? I gather you did not follow with blood tests, but how was it working for you?

I know a few guys (more women) using pellets, but they are pretty much clueless and just take what the doctor gives them.

I bet testosterone jumps pretty high when initially inserted.

I know more that switched from pellets to injections. Those with pellets have not been followed with blood work. Probably just as well as you really don’t want to go in and dig out a pellet if the dose is too much. From what I have heard, pellets usually get you to fairly high levels. I have a female coworker who has been on pellets for a few years, never any follow-up blood work. She was overdue for another implant and I talked her into getting her levels checked. A month overdue for another pellet and her testosterone was sky high. Once they are in, they are in. I’m curious, how much did it cost?

I did some research before doing it. I wanted to try it for a few reasons, mainly that it is supposed to keep levels very stable for long periods of time, plus I would have regular bloodwork done with it.

I’m not sure about the thyroid issue, if anything my thyroid would be too low but all my tests come back as normal. My body just seems hypersensitive to androgens for whatever reason.

Injections were fine. I switched from doing intramuscular to subQ after reading there actually were some benefits to it and I didn’t really notice any difference so I am assuming I was getting the same type of dosages. The main issue I had was there were a lot of times where I would get off my dosing schedule which was every 5 days. Some days it would go 7 or 8 and that led to some yo-yo’ing it felt like. Plus I didn’t have prescriptions for it so i was getting from sources I had vetted over the course of “doing business” which I never doubted that it was test but at the same time you never really knew what the dosage actually was. Could be higher or lower than what you thought you were taking depending on a variety of things.

I feel mostly good on the pellets minus the first week and a half or two weeks…I’m just curious as to the effects within that timeframe as to why its happening.

Cost was $500 for first dose and $300 each dose after. I have an HSA my employer puts money into so its effectively a few hundred bucks for a year worth of pellets and testing so its worth it to me because i know its legit and I get regular bloodwork done to monitor it.

I believe I am getting 1200 mg worth of test implanted each dose but I would have to double check.

You are always going to have highs and lows on pellets, that’s why we always recommended injections since you can customize injection frequencies to keep levels stable. The majority of men inject twice weekly or more to keep levels stable.