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Testopel and Overall TRT Experience


I'm on Testopel now for 9 months and used Androgel for 6 months prior to trying Testopel. While on Androgel results were minimal and absorption was an issue for me. While on Androgen my T levels dropped which had my urologist change to Testopel.

Testopel works great until 2.5 months in and then night sweats kick in and all the symptoms of low T make its way back into my life. Before seeing my current urologist I tried a few others and had no luck even though my T levels were 200-280 max. I have asked my doctor for injections in between Testopel with no luck.

I'm here miserable waiting for my next test implant appointment and can't help but think that I need to find an easier more stable way to restore my t-levels. However I can't seem to find a md or specialist that is open to working with me.

Anyone here have experience in using Testopel? If so did you have similar peaks and valley's and what did your doctor or you do to keep a more constant T level.


What is your location?

Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of low thyroid function. To eval your overall thyroid function:

  • check oral body temperature when you first wake up, before you get out of bed
  • check oral body temperature mid-afternoon
  • 97.7, 97.8 are good AM temperatures, 97.3 and below is a problem
  • need to hit 98.6 in afternoon
  • there can be problems if not using iodized salt long-term
  • if low body temps, read the thyroid basics sticky

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Urologists and endo’s are oddly the worst doctors for low T situations.

Implants cause peals and lows. Docs make $$$ on these. Least cost and most effective is T self injections.

T is only one part of the solution. Estrogen control can be mission critical and then there are issues with preserving the testes and fertility. See the protocol for injections sticky.