Testopel and Clomid

I have searched all over and even GIMF!(Google it mother F@#$%er) and nothing. My questions I am trying to get my wife pregnant. I did it once before I was on TRT. 4 years ago I got put on TRT because I was so tired and I couldn’t get it hard. Now I want to try to get her pregnant again but I don’t know if it’s possible. I have read to use clomid 25-50mg eod and arimidex .25mg eod. Will this work while i’m on testopel?

These are not injected like test e or cyp. It’s surgically put into the butt cheek every 6 months I get 9 pellets. I also have a doctor that doesn’t know much about testosterone and I feel what he says alot of it doesn’t make sense. I went to him I have develop gyno, I’m constantly bloated and doesn’t matter how much execercise I do, I look swollen or bloated. Whatever advise you guys offer me will be greatly appreciated.


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If you have been on TRT without hCG, predictably, your testes have suffered. One needs to be on hCG to not damage the testes.

All forms of TRT shutdown the testes.

Anastrozole while on TRT can optimize your TRT response and libido, but has no impact on sperm count. Your bloat and gyno is from elevated E2 levels. Anastrozole would have prevented that.

Clomid may make you feel worse. Nolvadex may be better for you. You might be better with hCG for a while to restore the testes then switch to nolvadex later for increased FSH.

Please post lab results and ranges.

SERM+Anastrozole for fertility does have merit when not on TRT.