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Testopel 9 Month Update


Had my third implant of 10 pellets this week. A little sore but not like I was the very first time. I think the first time was more my fault. I didn't ice the area and may have exerted myself too quickly. This time I rested and iced.

My only complaint to Doc was.. Everytime I get the new pellets implanted my genitalia (both the frank and the beans) shrink the first two months. My testicles literally end up inside my body. And with that comes ED issues. By the third month I'm back to normal, no shrinkage and fuller hanging testicles. Zero ED issues. When I used some gel close to the fourth month along with daily cialis, fantastic erections.

My Doc said I could cease Test and go on clomid for awhile then go back on. He doesn't want to do Test with clomid or HCG due to levels coming up too high. He will prescribe Adex if my estradiol tests high. I get retested after two weeks of the new pellets. So I will update all on my estradiol test. All my recent bloods were very good and in range. No hematocrit issues etc.

Energy wise the pellets make me feel great. By the third month I'm still pushing hard. No soreness or DOMS, workout recovery is inhuman. So they work well and libido thru the roof. But the ED and shrinkage the first months are not a positive.

Hope this helps. Everyone is different so this is my take. Again I'm 39 165lbs. very athletic. My physical condition is a 10 plus.


Thanks for the info.

I'm just over one month in on my first round (12 pellets). I'm 38 6'1" 200#. Have not noticed much difference yet, maybe slight energy increase. How did you feel at this point?

I'm debating on wether or not to do a second round because one or two backed out of the incision and the site was very irritated for over 10 days. The recovery is painful and screwing up my training schedule too. Waiting for new lab results now to see what the current levels are.


Everyone is certainly different, I just received my second injnection aprox. 3 weeks ago, no shrinkage, slight amount of soreness but other than that no real adverse interactions. I guess the one sort of complaint I have is that by the end of the cycle I feel the effects of low T, this is proved by blood tests going back to very sub normal levels (216). The doc did state (and I believe we go to the same one OP) that we probably waited too long to get re-inserted and tested.

OP, you state that by the third month you feel back to normal...how often do you get injected? I get injections every three months.


I'm still sore and bruised. Hate the recovery process. Makes my training very difficult. Energy wise I'm good. By the third week is when it kicks up.


The third month I'm normal in my genital area. I tested in the high 500's by the third month. It does get lower as time goes by. I get pellets every 3 months. This may be my last go. Hate the recovery process and the procedure itself is not fun. I hate to think of the scarring after years of this. May just stick to testim after all. We will see.


So you have ED problems throughout the whole3 month process and then get reinserted and then your issues start again? Im confused.


Matty: I think he said his ED issues last for 2 months, and he's good the 3rd month...personally this would drive me insane and there's no way in hell I would consider pellets, workout recovery and energy levels be damned....

Matty: I'm curious you said you were levels were low 200 near the end of the period, but your doctor stated that you waited too long ot be tested? What exactly did he mean by this? Just that you weren't getting an 'average' or what? I read that statement as your doctor is saying 200 is fine as long as it was higher at one point, which I don't agree with and would likely make me feel shitty...but if you are feeling fine on it for the most part, then that's awesome

You may want to talk to them about using androgel or testim temporarily in the last month, while your levels are at their lowest....


The third month is best. But now I take a small 2mg - 5mg a day Cialis. Keeps bloodflow strong and it really helps. I use some Testim gel at the end of the 3rd month and I'm fine. But most likely going back on gel. Nice and steady.


I had my second round implanted earlier this month. The first round of 10:

1 month 907
3 month 775
4 month 530
5 month 525
6 month 319

Essentially nothing really left at 6 months out. The first time I had it done I had some pain and bruising last about 2 weeks. This time the doctor did 2 smaller tracks instead of one long track. He did them in a V shape, so just one incision, just two short tracks. Much less discomfort this time, pain about 3 days, bruising gone in a week. A big improvement over the first time.

I got 11 pellets this time, will see the one month level next week. Also considering 8 pellets every 4 months.

Did 200mg shots every 10 days prior to the pellets. At the end of 10 days levels were usually 440-450 (tested before getting next injection). It was too much of a yoyo for me. I would feel great for 5 days, and not so good the next 5. The pellets worked great, very steady absorption for me, the gradual decline was not as noticeable. I suppose they dissolve at different rates in different people hence the big fluctuation in results mentioned.

I my case I feel really good with a level over 600, so the consideration of every 4 months instead of every 6. The first round really dragged the last month. So probably 4-5 months best in my case.


MacTX, when injections are done wrong, you get problems of that nature. If injections are done right T levels are steady.

Pellet T levels drop slowly so you do not feel a sudden change.

Get problems with the wound, so you ice it and take time to recovery, balls fall off, libido is where, levels get to low. These are all good things?


My thoughts exactly...that sounds horrible. What's the appeal? I'd rather have 2 very mildly painful shots per week than one very painful one every 3 months. If you did well with the gel and it worked for you, why switch?


VT...When I was tested it was over the three month period and my levels dropped. He did state that he has to find out how many pellets to insert to maintain a good T level. He did not mean the low 200's were fine, he decided for me to get tested earlier to see what t levels are at earlier in the cycle. I am currently in the 2nd cycle so at this point we are trying to get the amount right. Obviously my t levels dropping so low at the third month isnt ideal.

I used androgel for approx 6 months and after the initial 2 months it simply stopped working and my t levels ended up being lower then when I first started having the problem ( was at about 360 when I first started TRT and then after about 6 months on the gel was in the mid 200s)

So far the testopel has been good, though I am in the second month of my 2nd cycle (if you will) and I am feeling a bit like I had been with the gel, sluggish, foggy libido has decreased. The first month I was like a jack rabbit and felt very good overall. I do want to get a blood test now to see if there may be an issue.


I dont know why I didnt get updates on this thread....sorry for the late response VT


I would not say my insertions were painful. Neither of the 2 insertions were throbbing pain. Yes I could feel it, but was mild. I did not take any pain pills. It was more of a wake up when rolling over at night issue, or have to shift weight in a chair issue. The first insertion that I mentioned was a single long tract of 10 pellets in a row and it was about a week that would wake me up and bruising gone in 2 weeks.

The second insertion was 2 shorter tracts. This really sped up recovery, only would wake up when turning the second and third night. It was not like a knife in the rear or anything sharp but enough to wake you up. I could easily sleep on side and just shift weight a bit to stop feeling it. The bruising was gone in a week. I had to move my wallet to the other side for a week when driving. It was more like something poking me when I had my weight on it.

After all the reading here I now realize I should have taken smaller shots more frequently. I live a 2 hour drive from the doctor, so going in a lot is a pain. I was self injecting every 10 days, but I travel a lot and carrying the needles was always a source of worry. But, the switch to Testopel eliminated all the hassle. Different people respond to pain differently, so I do not expect everyone to have the same results that I had.

As I mentioned above I will probably go to shorter intervals so the levels stay more constant. I expect that on a 4 month schedule my levels will stay between 600 and 950. Again it is different for different people, this just seems to be my absorbtion rate. I will know a lot more this time around to see if the levels drop at the same rate as last time.


Mac, if you're worried about traveling with T and injection supplies, get a travel letter from your doc. It just needs to state your name, date, the medication you've been prescribed, and have his/her contact info. You shouldn't have any issues; it's a prescribed medicine like any other.


Matty I see your in NYC, so am I.
Are you seeing Dr Mellinger in Long Island?
I had 12 testopel pellets insterted for the first time in December, I had my levels checked 4 weeks after insertion, total T 950 E2 65

Now I'm 8 weeks post insertion. For the first month I felt great, very strong libido, sex daily with nocturnal erections. Now at 8 weeks I'm still good, but not as good as the first month, but its still ok.
Doc wants me to get tested in one month ( 12 weeks post December insertion) to see if I need anew insertion.

So if I was 950 4 weeks after an insertion, where should I be at 12 weeks?
At what number would it be considered safe to re-insert?


Your results sound very much like mine, at the 12 week mark my levels dropped to the low 300's in which he then started re-inserting pellets at the 10 week mark, at that time my T level was at 590, which seemed like an appropriate time for the re-insertion as I still felt good, not like a couple weeks after insertion but not the relatively deep drop in energy levels I felt at the 12 week mark.

I do go to Mellinger, I find him business like but approachable and amenable to your concerns, he is very far away from me (Im in Staten Island, he is Garden City) but IMO well worth the trip


Pellets should be replaced every 3-4 months. The average dosage is some where between 9-12 pellets. A lot of time this is not covered by insurance and may end up being $2-3,000 easily for a year adminstration.

If its working great, for some people it may not be an option so multiple injections is the way to go to keep even plasma levels and e2 incheck . When dealing with hormones you need to keep in mind monitoring adrenals, and thyroid. I have seen in some cases even after a year, thyroid will take a nose dive which needs to be addressed.


Matty I also recently began seeing Mellinger. I like him.

I am a little concerned about the way he monitors blood though.

After the insertion in December he just mailed me a prescription to go get a blood test to see where I'm at, but on the script all he wrote was "Total T and CBC"
My prior doc would check liver kidneys glucose cholesterol etc. And he didn't even put E2 which is concerning tome because my E2 was 65 back in January. Im going to call him and ask for another script with a more detailed blood test.

I live in the Bronx so I'm also pretty far.

Im curious; does he do the same thing for you as far as blood work, or do yo have to request E2 and the rest?

I had 12 insertions. So now I have a script for a new blood test and basically it seems like its my call as to when to go and get the blood draw.
I don't know if I should do it at the 12 week mark (which is in 4 weeks) or should I wait until I begin to feel shitty.

Hardanails: My insurance (Aetna) covers the entire procedure thankfully. My E2 was 65 and although a little high, its much lower then it was on gels. My hematocrit runs high, but even thats a little better on pellets then when I was on gels. Overall I love the pellets.


Thats a good point, I asked for my results last time and all it showed was total test, I guess I was of the if it aint broke dont fix it ilk, so I didnt bother to request a full panel test as I may begin to question every thing Im feeling.

I do believe it is in my (and our) best interest to request a full panel BT, I guess for me ignorance is bliss, but I also do not want to be blindsided by an issue that I could of saw coming if I hadnt chose ignorance.

But to answer your question yes that all the usual Blood Test script is for, Total T and CBC.

He advises me to get the Blood test approximately 1 week before the appointment of the new insertion.