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Testopel 9 Month Bloodwork


Had my third implant of 10 pellets one month ago.
Testosterone 950 (1100 the high)
Estradiol 44 (54 the high)
All Quest Labs
No anti E ever. No HCG.

Doc says my test to E ratio is fine and perfect. All bloodwork is good in range. Hematocrit, hemoglobin etc.
I don't have any complaints but I do want my E levels lower. So I ordered Erase. I hear it's pretty effective with Estradiol. I can't use Adex or other without a script. I get drug tested for work. But I noticed when I use DIM my erections are out of control. I'm out of DIM now and I wanted to test wo it. I will update again.

And yes I feel very good.


Work drug tests aren't going to detect a therapeutic dose of anastrozole...why don't you find a doctor who you will give you the medication you need instead of using some random product you found on the internet? Or maybe more DIM< since you have a proven result with that product?


I def will try DIM again. I hear many good things about Erase. But it's an unregulated supplement also. Not many Docs will prescribe Adex especially with my Estadiol in range. I won't risk the piss test , I need my job. Even if it's a small dose, and not possibly detected.. not with this economy.


face palm


I got you DOCTOR. Hope all my info helped everyone here. I'm out.


Can I ask what your testosterone was before starting treatment?

Also what was the major improvement you saw once you raised your test levels?


I don't know your complete history along with others here, so it becomes somewhat challenging for offering advice.
I'm going to speculate or assume here ( not always good) if you have done any of these?
Ph /DS and otc anti estrogens Or otc AI 's mimic what prescription drugs do to a certain degree ( some not as potent as others)

If you have done any of these they more than likely will come back on a blood test as a false /positive.
My point here is if you have done any Ph /DS otc AI and have had a random blood test I'm 100% positive unless your employer wants to request the lab to check for these substance. ( highly unlikely) possible though
I work in a highly dangerous field,I'm a utility line clearance tree trimmer, I climb and trim trees away from power lines. Have so for 20 years

I have had several random blood test and done several AAS /Ph /DS and otc anti -e's, oct AI's real AI's over the years not that its of any importance here, I've known Patrick Arnold since he moved to the same town I live in(mid 90's) and have lets say Guinea pigged a lot of his products when he was in the lime light of his earlier years (cream /clear ).not one time as stated above was I checked by my employer for anything other than THC,Opiates,amphtamines ect and the such.

I'm new to the board here but not new to a lot of the discussion boards I've been lurking in the background here at TNation for quit sometime, I've noticed KSman can come across abrasive, keep in mind he along with others here have dedicated a lot of effort to help guide others on a shall I say healthier treatment options than those discussed by most physicians. So when you see " palm in face " I'm sure he gets frustrated by repeating himself ?

Your E2 is on the higher end of not So healthy I'll post a couple of links and present them to your doctor ( may or may not help? Other wise I would consider a prescription AI over the otc AI, just from my experience



Good luck on your endeavours


^^KY: I can't check out those links right now because I'm at work, but if you find them very beneficial, could you post them in the "ESTRADIOL: WHY YOU SHOULD CARE" stickey? they may already be there, I dunno, but we get a lot of guys here asking how to convince their doc to prescribe them an AI, and the more info the better.


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