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Testopel 3 Month Mark


Blood results after 3 months. Quest. Again, 39 years old extremely athletic. Very good diet my only weakness is alot of coffee and dark chocolate. Very little red meat and zero fast food. I have my once in awhile eggs and ice cream. Never weekly.

Total Testosterone 537 ng/dL
Hemoglobin 16.4H - ref. 13.2-15.5g/dL
Hematocrit 47.9H - ref. 38.5-45.0%
Cholesterol 217H - ref. 125-200mg/dL
LDL 132H - ref. <130 mg/dL

We didn't test estradiol or Free but I feel good. I did use some gel the day before bc I was dragging and occasionally use a little testim for a workout boast. So my Doc redid my bloods today with no gel use and scheduled another go at the pellets. He even suggested more pellets bc I felt great for 2 months and dragged the third.

I informed him of the severe pain I experienced after the last go and he was very surprised and concerned. So he will insert a little higher this time and if I experience the same side effect to inform him right away.


Thanks for the update! I am going to try using them beginning on the 7th.


Hessler, please and find read more about this:

Feeling a slump from dropping T levels on pellets is expected. As always, management of E2 levels is often a critical success factor and you have not even tested.

If E2 is elevated, SHBG will be too and FT will be repressed. If too much of your TT is SHBG-T, your benefits will be reduced. With T gel the day before, things may be worse than the labs indicate.

Hematocrit is OK, odd looking lab range. Do you have any iron in your vitamins?

Total Cholesterol is fine, might improve with higher T levels.


Eat more red meat and eggs.


Vitamins are Iron-free. My Estro always tests low. 29 and under Quest. When my Estro is under 29 I feel like crap. Always the case. And cialis works awesome for me always. I remember reading if Estro is bad that cialis will not work very well.


I loved the feeling of them for the first two months. Not counting the agony I had when I got them. I felt like superman. But they do wear off pretty quick for me. Go for it. If you have a good Doc you should do fine.

I just wish my abs would show more like when I was 20's and early 30's. I hoped with T therapy I would lose the little fat on my belly. Hasn't happened yet and it's very frustrating. I train super hard and eat good. I even got a little fat on my chest that drives me crazy. Part of getting older but I'm going to keep training hard to lose it.


Thanks for the info KSman. I have been following this forum closely. I am in the process of getting away from a doctor that only wanted to do monthly shots to a new doctor that thinks highly of this approach. Thought I would see how my body responds to this and go from there. I do appreciate your input as always!


Thanks! My new doc seems to be alright. We will find out shortly.


Note that there is very often a transient effect from TRT that is not sustainable. This is typical of any effective T delivery system. As this phase passes, one feels less. If E2 becomes elevated, the sense of lost benefit can be much greater. Some suggest that this transient also involves a transient increase in dopamine, which makes one's mood brighter which also has good effects on ones libido and performance, sensation and orgasms.

The flip side is that one can be hyper sexual for a couple of months. [Not all women are impressed by this new dynamic.]


I've experienced hypersexuality on Androgel and orgasms are stronger than before I acquired hypogonadism.