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Testopel 2nd Insertion Update

My 2nd blood test in one week showed Total test at 500 ng/dL with no gel day before. So the pellets from 3 months ago are still working but I was already feeling the effect. After the 10 were inserted I felt really good for two months. Sex, workouts, muscle hardness. I forgot what it was like to be the way I feel now. I stayed this way for so many years taking herbs and every other proprietary blend BS out there.

I had 10 more inserted today and my Doc wants to keep me on a three month mark for all insertions. Today was easier than last time. Let’s just hope the pain isn’t as bad after. I’m not much of a message board poster, I’m very private, don’t even have a Facebook. But, I really see so little info out there I want to contribute to help other guys who were as nervous as I was.

Will update.

I had my first 10 inserted last Tuesday. I have a blood test in two weeks. Already starting to feel a lot better.