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I know it is not a steroid but can anyone give me a brief run down of what this stuff is, i assume it will have no effect at all, but if i have been given a few months supply free by a friend who used to need it via prescription to boost his test but now he gest injections every 10 weeks instead, so he gave me the rest of this stuff. Is there any point in using it or not?

This is one of them i took out to scan:

From my understanding it is like the androgel. I am not 100%. But it will be a weak steroid and you use it daily, apply on the arms, shoulder, and abs. NOWHERE ELSE!

I used to use the androgel till i switch to shots.

Yeah he told me to either use it on the arms and shoulders or the abs. What kind of results did you get with it…any sides?

I am not sure it it is worth my time using it, or if i should just “move” it on.

No side effects at all, maybe a little acne, but like a pimple or two on my back.

The only effect I felt was a little more energize, but that could be in my mind, and physically, i did get a little leaner, and my diet didn’t change or my workouts really didn’t change either.

Few other things, this gel alone will not get you 10-20 pounds of muscle, i was on the gel for almost a year, and i gained 7 pounds of muscle. so the effect will not be great.

Oh well…might as well use it if it is lying around lol. How long til it is out your system do you reckon…i.e How long til it would not show up ina piss test.

Those answers i dont know, i dont think it will show up in a piss test due to the fact it is absorb thru the skin, i think it will only last a few days in the body, since you have to use it everyday, the life of the gel is short.