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Testogel Your Experience

Hi guys

Looking for some advice on Testogel,

Long story short ex propecia user 5 years, terrible usual sides, test level of 13.3 and low estrogen level and testicle apothy

Endo prescribed Testogel 50mg everyday

First 6 days felt great, spring in my step, muscle weakness and fatigue disappeared, little rise in libido

Now it feels like ive gone back to square one any idea why this has happened?

Let me know how you got on testogel as right now im confused and scared I will never get back to normal


Tell doc that something is wrong and ask to test TT, FT and E2.

Do you have any thyroid or iodine deficiency issues? Those are associated with low transdermal T absorption.

Absorption is typically 10% at best. Dose may also be inadequate if you are absorbing.

My Thyroid is 2.58 at current

Oestradiol 46 LOW (99-192pmol/L)
Testosterone 13.3 (9.9-27.8pmol/L)

Just puzzled as to why first 6 days were great and now I have gone back to normal

Endo thinks I have CFS I wonder if that is having an effect

Any other Testogel users out there that can tell me how the process went for them?

Its a scary process for me as an ex propecia user

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Sounds like E2 increased. Transdermal T has highest T–>E2 potential, highest cost. Injected is least cost and least T–>E2 potential.

Some with thyroid problems do not absorb T very well or do briefly. Doctors are not aware of this problem.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
The lab ranges are bogus.
Have you not been using iodized salt to support your thyroid function?
Please check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky to eval your overall thyroid function.

You may need to self-inject T.