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Testogel Not Absorbing

So, I had to switch from Testosterone Cyprionate to Testogel…as much as I hate the decision the doctor told me it was impossible to get Cyp in the UK (I have just moved from America.) He basically said I could only do the gel or a long acting injection ever 3 months which he wasn’t personally a fan off.

The does is 2 pumps of testogel rubbed onto the front of the shoulders (https://testogelpump.co.uk/what-is-testosterone/) on each shoulder. I rub it in, but not too aggressively. However when the gel drys, it leaves a lot white streaks and patches. I have read theories it is residue testosterone. I know the absorption rate is less than ideal so if there is a way to absorb it better, I would love to know. Have you heard anything about rubbing lotion on the site an hour after to improve absorption?

ps. does anyone know if there are any plans for Cyp to come to the UK?


Rubbing in lotion an hour after the t gel increases the absorption by 14%. Also, you should shower before applying the gel since it makes your skin absorb it better.

ah thanks for the shower tip. Do you take it?/have any experience with it?

There is a clinic in the UK that uses Cyp. I believe he has said he is the only place that offers it in his videos

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I tried gels and creams (not scrotal) all it did was shut off my natural production and my t levels were LOWER than before I started. Some people just do not absorb them. Hope you have better luck.


I’m UK based on Test-E and my Dr offers Cyp (slightly more expensive and so didn’t seem worth the difference for me) you can also get Sust. No need for gels!


Ah thanks for this. I dont suppose you are based in London? I have only found one Doctor that will provide Cyp but they are out in Doncaster and I can’t easily get there at the moment given the current situation. I’m going to try and see if the current doc can put me on Test -E as i heard they are quite similar. (Would just be good staying on what I already know)

Jesus. Good to know!

Nah all telephone/internet based medicine never actually seen a Dr in person (live too far away from most of them). CJA balance is who I’m using at present, I’ve used Balance my hormones in the past.

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Enanthate is not similar to cypionate, it has shorter half life but can work equally well if frequenced correctly

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They are so similar that it isn’t necessary to obsess over which one to use. OP could use either one for TRT, depending on which is easiest to access for him. @borisa I wouldn’t use Sustanon. I’m not a fan and I think it’s over hyped, the mixed esters make it tough to dial in for TRT.

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In my experienced it is not bad if injected at least EOD. It is much cheaper than enanthate in UK

If your talking prescription then no, it isn’t.

I think any injectable Test is going to be better than gel, but then again I’ve never tried gels. Sust isn’t bad but I react badly to the I injections (lumps up in injection site), I think dialing in the vast majority of cases isn’t that difficult and even some who present problems here seems to be problems of reading too much and not just letting things ride. If you spend long enough reading about others problems you’re more likely to see them in yourself even when they’re not there, I experienced this myself.


I always absorbed the various gels real well. In the beginning I took a warm shower first to open up the pores but I seemed to absorb it just as well without, but it would make sense to do that for someone who doesn’t absorb as well. Or at least place a warm washcloth over the area first, and then dry, if you don’t have time to shower. I always rubbed it in until the area felt totally dry. I mean really rub it in. I would then wet my hands slightly and rub the residue elsewhere on my body. Why waste any. I don’t think just slathering it on the skin is the best for absorption. I also tried the moisturizing lotion an hour after for a while and not sure if it helped but it certainly could help some people. Also, if you are someone who has a lot of body hair I would shave the area where you apply the gel.

Yep it has higher percent of benzo alcohol and also the peanut oil causes lumps in most people when doing sub q, but if you inject it long enough they decrease appearing

I got it from IM, but when I tried subq they were massive lumps haha, glad I switched from a comfort perspective, can’t say I’ve noticed much difference other than but getting lumps, but dosage is similar and I’m not particularly introspective so don’t presume I don’t notice the little changes!

Did you leave Balance my hormones for any particular reason? i was thinking of getting in touch with them…very open minded though

Thanks for the input…yeah i think i want to avoid Sustanon!

What do you mean by EOD? :confused:

You are so right…I am honestly fighting a mental barrier against the gels.