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Testogel/Androgel Makes me Depressed

Hi i have had measrued low total test 201 to 350. My free testosterone and estrogen and all other steroid hormones are fine, and actually in good ranges.

I tryed some testosterone gel, the sachet has 5 mg testosterone. Every time i take 5 mg for 3 days i end up feeling awful and depressed. I tried take half the amount 2,5 mg but as soon as i raise the dosage i fell awful and depressed. Does anyone has any idea. I also take levothyroxine for hashimotos. Thanks

The levothyroxine may be to blame, a study showed people taking levothyroxine are more likely to suffer from depression than people who don’t have hypothyroidism. The reason is because people with thyroid problems don’t convert T4 to the appropriate hormones (fT4->fT3->rT3) and an imbalance occurs.

Levothyroxine is an old school protocol and this tells me your doctor is just not up to date on current treatment protocols, Levothyroxine is T4 only, you want T3+T4 medicine. It may be that you don’t convert enough of the T4->fT4->fT3->rT3 correctly, the latter is a reservoir for fT3 and going on TRT may exacerbate this imbalance since demand is greater.

Hypothyroidism symptoms linger despite medication use, normal blood tests.

Google stopthethyroidmadness and go to their website. Under hashimotos you’ll see why taking a combo T4/T3 like Armour or Natural can be a major game changer for you. My dad was on T4 only with hashimotos for years and I finally got him to switch (his doc was reluctant) but it ended up being a life altering change for him and he feels like a human being for the first time in a very long time.

Its not levothyroxine. I have taken it for a whole year, the best thing that happened to me. Why do you insist of misreading my post? I have t3 at my disposol. In my experience t4 by itself works really good. Tried t3 works, not good for me. I tried desictated thyroid also, work not good.

I take testogel, on the third day felt like shit. After i quit, try again on a lower dose as soon as i raise the dose i feel awful depressed. I quit again and as soon as i quit fell really good. Can it be the way it works? It drops towards night? Or can i be sensitive to testosterone?

How did I misread your post? Did you not say you are taking levothyroxine?

There are some guys who need free t levels at the top of the ranges to feel good, especially if SHBG is elevated. Another thing you should beware is it takes time for TRT to start working, usually when guys start TRT it takes some time for the exogenous testosterone to shut down your natural production, this may be why you feel depressed because your natural production is shutting down and you just need to hang in there a little longer.

Spend a little time going through members threads and you’ll see those speak of the phase all of us go through shortly after initiating TRT, some call it the honeymoon phase and then their HPTA gets shutdown and a return to symptoms which is temporary until such time your body acclimates to the exogenous testosterone.

Natural desiccated thyroid doesn’t work well for everything, that doesn’t mean other formulations of T3 won’t work well. I’ve seen people respond well to one formulations of T3 like armour thyroid and not others.

At 20% absorption, which is unlikely, you would be getting 1 mg a day using all 5 mg of the sachet. 15 minutes in the sun does more than that. It is either psychosomatic, a reaction to something else in the gel, or you are suppressed by a strong gust of wind as well.

I dont really believe that 5 min in the sun does more. the first day i felt sleepy, but fine the second day better. The third day depressed and awful. People feel the effects. Go check out Dave asprey.

Thanks. i thought also maybe my own production was shutting down and this somehow caused the effect. Im sensitive to stuff. So i fell everything right off the bacth. My free testosterone was a little bit over the middle in the reference range. Yea but i felt really awful i couldnt stand it. I scares me. Iv been experimenting with thyrod meication for a while. Some people say desiccated thyroid works for them and not levothyroxine. For me levothyroxine worked. T3 as L-T3 worked also, but i mosly like the T4 which in my opinion has been a God sent gift.

if your free T was above middle range and when you started taking T4 to address your hashimotos you say you felt great…then the first question is why did you start androgel in the first place?

Per his original post his total was in a range around 300 with Free T in the upper middle range. He most likely has extremely low SHBG or something doesnt add up.

Most likely your problem is in your head. Some people still don’t believe the Earth i round.

I also take levothyroxine for Hashimoto’s and my body converts T4 to T3 just fine. I wouldn’t say levothyroxine is an old school protocol, it works great for a lot of people. In fact I feel much worse taking any T3. But there are a lot of people that feel better on it. Everybody is different. A study that compares a group with a disease to a group without that disease is of course going to be flawed. Especially an autoimmune disease, where diet and overall health is critical to mitigate symptoms.

@munken I’d give the testosterone a longer trial, and if you can switch to injections or cream, you might have better success.

I think my problem goes deeper. Maybe i have some metabolisme problem. Or some problem with my hromones. I have a long history of sicknes, also with my sibling. Wanted to see what it did.

I feel the same way about levothyroxine. It work like a charm :slight_smile: Desictated thyroid worked, but nothing near Levothyroxine. Levothyroxine was more like the Sun, while desictated thyroid was the moon in comparison. Aand L-t3 seems to have a fast acting, but dosent work in the long run forme

Belive me it was not in my head. These kinda comments make me hate forums. They are deeply retartet. I have been biohacking myself the last couble of years i know whats placebo or not. Its like when doctors make you a hypokondriak to solve the problem, they dont have the brain to solve

I sent all the pictures with blood tests. Thanks