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Testogel Advice


Hi all,

Forgive me for this as I imagine this has been touched on a number of times already. I'd hugely appreciate your advice as I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the products and plans out there.


  • I'm 26 years old, quite active and eat a good diet
  • I've had classic symptoms of low T for a few years, only recently thought low T could be the culprit
  • I recently received results back for a testosterone test I purchased online via Pharmacy2U.
  • My results were 11.8 nmol/l which I think is around 340. I did take this test about 4pm though but even with that taken into account I think the reading is still very low.
  • I wont go to the doctors, they're unlikely to help as my result is still considered within their so called 'normal range' which is nonsense

Initial Action

  • After much digging online I found somewhere to purchase Testogel. I've been using this for a week and I have noticed great improvement in mood and general well being

Advice Required

  • Testogel is really expensive non-prescription and I've heard it's terrible for estrogen conversion. Can anyone advise a good alternative testosterone booster accompanied with a plan? I'm not looking to saturate myself, just up my levels to whatever would be considered average for my age
  • Will I need to look into taking estrogen blockers and HCG too?
  • Are there any other products I would benefit from?
  • Can anyone suggest a TRT protocol?

Lastly is it Possible?

To actually boost testosterone naturally? I've seen many articles suggesting it is but I haven't actually seen any evidence to support this. I was considering trying DIM, d aspartic acid, vitamin D, eating plenty of healthy fats (nuts, coconut oil etc...) & ZMA. Is it more a case that these things support/slightly elevate levels rather than cause a real increase, therefore I should be doing them alongside TRT anyway?


im about to start a cycle of test e and tren e anyway for some advice


You should be looking for the cause of the low T and if that can be fixed.

You will have to start on the learning curve. Please read these stickies:
- advice for new guys
- things that damage your hormones

You need these labs:
LH/FSH - when not taking any T meds for 4 weeks

Doing your own TRT as you suggest is not a good idea.


i just want to grow and get a better max on bench and size