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'Testogan' Test Propionate. Fake or Legit?


Hey there!

So this guy is selling me a 50mg/ml x50cc bottle of test prop. I have never heard of this lab and it looks like it is from south america or something. I have found the "Laquinsa" Testogan, but nothing else...

Anyway the photo is posted.


You might have better luck on a source board, I don't know if anyone here can help you. Good luck anyway.


Pic is blurry, but at first glance it lloks ok...

better luck on a source board and put better pics.


shoot it!


Hmm... its probably made in someone's basement... Lets be honest pharmaceutical multidose vials are usually a lot smaller than a 50 cc jug. That being said, it looks like some thought has gone into the labeling and the box... Hopefully the gear is as nice as the packaging. 50mg/ml though is a little to dilute a dose for my liking though.


Actaully Testogan has been around for a long time...it originates somewhere south of the border and as i recall its test propionate at 50mg/ml. Its fine to use but one thing about all the older south of the border preparations is they don;t care much about pain...it will prob leave some irritation at the injection site but it should be of decent quality.