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Testoerone Cyp and Nolvadex Cycle

So im new to this but I want to run an 8 week cycle of Test Cyp only with Nolvadex. Is this suitable and will it gain results. 500 MG’s a week and 20 mg nolvadex after the first week. What do you guys think?

Standard advice that would come up if you’d done even a half hour’s research: You’ll get great results but they will depend entirely on your diet. You should run a longer cycle with cyp (though that’s not strictly necessary), save the nolva for pct and temporary gyno intervention, and run an aromatase inhibitor on cycle. If you only have 4g of test then you’ll probably be happier with 400mg for 10 weeks. You have a lot of research to do. The stickies are a good place to start. Read them and come back for clarification.

8 weeks is doable only if you frontload

I am already on Test Cyp for low t prescribed by the Dr at 150 mg every week. So what is frontload? Thanks

In my opinion running a cycle of cyp or enanthate for 8 weeks isn’t optimal, sure you will get some gains but for me it would be better if it was ran for 10-12 weeks. If I were to do an 8 week cycle I would frontload. Basically you would shoot double what you’d run on cycle the first week. Many do an 8 week cycle without a frontload and have good results, but what I stated above is my opinion

Would you be running the 500mg on top of the 150mg you already get? Would make for a better cycle if your only going to run 8 weeks. But I agree with the above either front load or get some Dbol or Winny tablets there pretty cheap and can make a massive impact on a shorter cycle when using a long ester Test like Cyp.

Thanks guys… So after doing some research I am going to do a 12 week cycle at 500 mgs a week and that is including what the Dr prescribed me. Now with that. Everywhere I go to see if there are any answers to these types of questions some people are straight up nasty about it and shouldnt respond period.

We novices ask because we want to be safe while doing this. You guys have been very helpful and I appreciate it alot. My next question is and I ll leave the topic alone. Do I need to run an AI during the cycle or will PCT be good enough. Thanks guys

This is kinda a up in the air question. Alot of people are going to say yes but, I personally have never really had to many negative side that the AI would really combat. I do think you should have some on hand just to be sure because you never know how your going to respond. I always have Arimidex on top of extra Nolva just to be safe but have never had or felt the need to use either ( except in PCT of course).

In short buy it and hold on to it if nothing else you may use it down the road. Test may not give you any problems at all but deca or winny or what ever could be what makes you need of and it would suck royally to try and get it AFTER your already seeing negative sides.

I totally agree with Reed, I never get any sides with a TRT dose but anything over that makes my head and face retain water to the point i look ridiculous. Point I think he was making is you never know how your body is going to react so always have adex and nolva around. There too cheap to go without.

Thanks a bunch guys. I have 14 1 mg Arimidex pills on stand by and a whole thing of Nolva already on hand. Thank you guys for being good sports.

It hasn’t been said yet but you probably figured out that if you’re going back to trt then you won’t need a pct. Good luck.

Yeah I thought about that but was not sure. Maybe keep the Nolvadex on hand for during the cycle if any gyno starts or something. Thanks for the help as well.

Oh and one more thing. How much of my strength and size will i keep on the Test cyp cycle only?